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The Staff of Magery is now FREE for everyone!
Please note: It still functions normally but It is a considerably older item and no longer updated regularly.
Staff of Magery

The Staff of Magery is a powerful artifact that grants the wielder amazing magical abilities. Whether you enjoy roleplaying or simply bewitching your friends, the staff will provide you with a whole slew of visually pleasing and non-aggressive spells while adding depth to your character. Ideal for the magic enthusiast, the collector of mysterious artifacts, or an admirer of "shiny toys".

If you prefer the "swish and flick" feel of a wand, check out our "Wand of Sorcery". It is the sister item of the Staff of Magery.

★★★ SPELLS ★★★

❦ AirWalk ❦ - Conjures a mystical platform beneath the casters feet, allowing them to walk through the air.

❦ Arcane Wormholes ❦ - Allows the caster to construct a wormhole vortex between two points.

❦ Cloak ❦ - Trickery of the light allows the caster's skin to blend into its surroundings.

❦ Death Curse ❦ - A burst of green light roars out of the end of the wand and kills its target instantly [combat enabled sims only]. If caster is in a safe zone, the spell effect does not damage the victim.

❦ Duel ❦ - Conjures a dueling platform for dueling with other witches and wizards.

❦ Glacius ❦ - A burst of cold air ensnares the target and freezes them in place.

❦ Hiding ❦ - Engulfs the caster in bright sparks, concealing the avatar - ideal for clothing changes.

❦ Imperio ❦ - Take control of your target and move them around!

❦ Kiss ❦ - Sends a burst of kisses toward a target.

❦ Leaves of Autumn ❦ - Stirs up crispy autumn leafs that dance around the surrounding area.

❦ Levitation ❦ - Gently lifts up the target and has them float beside you.

❦ Locatio ❦ - Creates a magic string between the caster and the target. Ideal for finding someone or helping them find you.

❦ Locomotomortis ❦ - Casts a binding fire around the target preventing them from walking away.

❦ Love ❦ - Surrounds someone you love with a cascade of beautiful hearts

❦ Lumos/Nox ❦ - Emit a brilliant light that illuminates the caster's immediate vicinity

❦ Platform ❦ - Conjures a platform around the caster that can be used as a workspace.

❦ Relashio ❦ - Shoots color-selectable sparks from the wand, creating a marvelous particle display especially when flying.

❦ Repellium ❦ - [ATTACK SPELL] This spell is meant to remove an opponent from the area. Please use with caution, unprovoked attacks may violate your sim's rules.

❦ Rose ❦ - Sends the target a rose that they can then wear or rez and use as desired.

❦ Sensio ❦ - Lists all of the avatars surrounding you within 96 meters.

❦ Shield ❦ - Conjures a shield that protects against basic projectiles.

❦ Snow Flurry ❦ - Stirs up a beautiful snow flurry.

❦ Spore ❦ - Summons countless beautiful summertime spores which fill the air and glide around on the wind

❦ Summoning ❦ - Magically summons items from the wand's inventory

❦ Teleportation ❦ - Calls up a mystical aura that teleports you to any desired XYZ coordinant.

❦ Vanish ❦ - Allows the caster to dissapear and walk around "on the astral plane". [Vehicle]


❦ Misc. Commands ❦ - Change the color <blue, green, red, yellow, violet, lightblue, black, white, purple> of the staff's ambient particles, on the orb and the staff's bottom.

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  • 26 Unique Beautiful Spells
  • Unique Particle FX
  • Command Based system. No Hud clutter!
  • Beautiful sculpted design.
  • Animated casting effects!

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Thanks for this gift!

Posted September 29, 2021 by AngelNight123 5 stars

It's incredible that such an amazing thing is given away for free. I am very thankful. This staff will be the perfect addition to my Halloween witch costume. There are many different interesting animashions that really work.

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Posted June 15, 2021 by campanitas2006 5 stars

Me encanto, tiene muchos efectos y en verdad recomendado

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  • 4.44 stars Reviews (73)

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