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This is our beautiful and new Mood Child Version! Child's expression changes based on mood.

ALL EYES: Change his/her eye color to blue, brown, green, gray or red-anytime
FUNSIES® IntelliGrow Babies! IntelliGrow stands for "Intellect" and "Growth". Since 2007! We're so unique, we're Patent Pending!

Shown with added hair and outfit - baby comes bald and with temporary pajamas which are removed with child’s first bath; redressing with the Armoire is needed for future outfits (sold separately). Newborn can be seen as-is at FUNSIES store; earn 5% store credit when buying in-world.

Buy hair, skirts, earrings, elf ears, hats and more at FUNSIES store! Affordable, transferable and free lifetime replacement if lost.

ALL attachments are modifiable! Add 2-3-4 hairstyles for unique looks! Mix, match, layer! Hairs, earrings, hats, elf ears, wolf ears, neko, horns, furry etc, are all redeliverable FREE if lost or stolen! FREE TRANSFERABLE REPLACED ITEMS! Never before seen in SL!
Your FUNSIES® Baby comes as a newborn baby without hair or designer clothing. You can easily and affordably add hair, skirts etc (all replaceable FREE if lost, and transferable to mix and match with your other kids at ANY age). Image shows hair and clothing options.

Children of all ages, including newborns, can wear ANY hair, skirt etc. There is no need to wait!

Although FUNSIES® are transferable, you can set others to your child’s family list and they can care for your child when you rezzed him/her. If they have your object rights, they can even take your child, though never keep your child.

SAFETY NET: NO one can keep your child. You have 100% safety from accidental loss, or any other loss.

Your newborn is boxed with a starter set of diapers and bottles. Upon purchase your child is immediately registered in our database (even before you rez him/her). If you ever lose your child please go to FUNSIES store and retrieve your child free – ALL sharable, removable, stackable (go crazy with hair colors and styles because it’s even modifiable!) hair, earrings, pacifiers and more are transferable but FREE replacement if ever lost or stolen! FEEL SAFE!




Your FUNSIES newborn allows you to watch every milestone.. the first time your child sits up, begins crawling, starts talking and more.


Not interested in having a newborn and prefer an older child? Choose any age you want! We offer instant aging and also custom age (any birthdate you choose!)



FUNSIES IntelliGrow children were created to offer you the best in a realistic child in which to interact and enjoy; they aren't a prim doll which you sit and watch play; they actually need your loving care to thrive and grow (children do not die).

As you give your child love and care, you will experience true parenthood; vaccines, the possibility for your child to become ill - though rarely (low-cost medicines available or you may see one of our wonderful doctors at the hospital), watch your child REALLY grow and age from the moment of birth. Experience each stage of
growth and share in the joy.

Children grow based on rl time; one rl day ages your child one day. Children must be rezzed in world (holding them or placing them down) in order for them to grow. As your child grows, every 30 days of age, you may add an Intellect Star to unlock what your child learned.

COST? less than $2 a month with your child rezzed. Includes star and food cost. Very affordable!

FUNSIES IntelliGrow children Facts:

* No limit to how many you can attach/rez
* Each child has their own personality
* All objects/furniture for your child can be shared with others or restricted to your use alone
* Co-parenting/family allows others to care for your child even if you choose to not transfer your child to them
* Others with permission rights can take your child – but never steal/kidnap them; you retain parental rights forever and can retrieve your child in case of kidnapping
* Child can be transferred to family & friends safely
* Anyone you choose can hold your baby
* Tracking to protect your child from loss - NO WORRY about losing your precious child
* Fully animated with adorable/fluid movements
* Child's age is innumerable; they can grow and grow and grow...
* Low lag scripting
* Each baby has a unique personality
* ANY age and gender can wear ANY hair
* ANY age and gender can wear skirts (thinking kilt? We did!)
* Endless amounts of attachments allowed (hair can be layered as well as pacifiers, earrings, sunglasses etc. worn all at the same time)
* Interact with other children (based on age)
* Armoire dresses child - clothing for all ages/skin tones

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