[FYI] Mine Tunnel Kit 1.0.0 (copy/mod)

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Feature rich mines with 13 pieces (14 if you include the two differently textured 4 way intersections).

This kit has everything you need to create large mine tunnels. It does not include mine carts or rails, but you can add your own scripted ones. You can also add crystals or whatever you like.

The prim counts are between 8 and 15 per piece.

It contains an adapter to use it with the rest of the caves in the [FYI] Cave System as well as with the [FYI] Pro Cave Tunnel Kit.

This product is compatible with the [FYI] Cave System!

You can use this product with other mesh and sculpty [FYi] Cave System products to create your own, custom and unique super awesome cave system! Build your own custom mesh caves with baked textures!

All of the [FYI] products are all original content. They are not stolen from games or other sources illegally. Meaning that you're buying legitimate, legal goods. Stolen content can be deleted from your inventory at any time and you won't get a refund. When you buy custom, original content, that simply doesn't happen and your purchase is safe for as long as you keep your account!

Please be careful of stolen and illegal mesh products. I've worked hard on these products to make sure that [FYI] can provide a unique product that isn't offered by anyone else. Buy it for the rest of your Second Life, make sure it's original content. All [FYI] products are original mesh with high quality baked textures!

You can find other compatible [FYI] Cave System products by searching for #fyicavesystem

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  • Baked textures for underground tunnels
  • Wide and spacious
  • Compatible with FYI Pro Cave Tunnel Kit and FYI Mesh Terrain Kit
  • Compatible with [FYI] Mesh Cave Interior Kit too!
  • #fyicavesystem

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Good, but Overpriced

Posted November 21, 2012 by Alex Carpenter 3 stars

It's an OK building set. The textures are pretty good and the pieces fit together nicely. It fits together with the tunnel kit from this store (kinda), which is a plus. It uses a bit more prims than I would like but that's okay I guess..

This kit is bloody expensive.. I feel sick for having spent more on this than on my SL house, yet it isn't full permissions. It would be better if this were priced at around 1000 Lindens, considering what you get and its permissions.

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Watch out for the snake in the grass

Posted August 21, 2012 by NightTurist 3 stars

Ok fellow tunnelrats lets take a look at this kit. When you start to put out the pieces you'll most likely find it to be great. Although I find that the planks looks a bit too much like rusty pipes the overall texturing is very nice indeed. All the straight pieces and intersections is easy to work with and allign perfectly ... and thats the first I look for in a tunnel kit.

There's plenty of various sections to choose from and to make a great maze or mine. Amongst them a great looking entrence, something I really miss in other kits (and I got a lot). Another cool section is the "Tunnel kit adapter" wich is a rockey section that fits with the mine kit in one end and the mesh tunnel kit from this store at the other. It works like a charm and although I've never been a big fan of that tunnel kit, that feature makes me wanna give it a second chance.

So far all is good. But lets say you want to have a straight section, followed by one that goes up and then another straight section. You set up the first straight piece and then the one that says "bend up" and all is good. They line up perfect. But then you wanna add the other straight piece and this is where you discover the snake in the grass. The upper end of the bend piece is not cut vertical. So when adding the second straight piece you are faced with two options:
A: have a huge gap in the cealing or B: have major bumps in the floor and wall planks that don't line up. And that there is a major mood killer. Why the one end of the up and down(!) pieces are not cut vertical so that they fit with the other pieces I don't understand. It can be done. In other kits on the marked and in in the FY mesh sewer kit.

And so with all 4 up and down pieces more or less out of the picture I can't give out more than 3 stars until that is fixed. Too bad really when the kit overall would have been a full 5 star product.

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