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New Product Nov 28th, 2019

■ This product only comes with a texture changer script and a simple script that plays multiple animations at once (example: bento hands, bento face, and body animation simultaneously). You'll need your own animations to animate it. You can drop one of your AO animations inside and animate the animesh that way.

■ While this avatar has a nice round booty, there will be some noticeable stretching in the thigh area on some animations. She is SUPER low poly so please keep that in mind. Try to make your average mesh body animesh and you will see it go past 100LI. She is as low LI as you are going to find in SL (with weighted hair, clothing layer, shoes, bento head and hands, 3D feet, etc.)

■ What makes our female animesh (feminesh) so special? She has curves! There's a reason why all the animesh avatars you've seen in SL have the same shape, and that's because SL wants the animesh shape sliders to all be set at 50 (broad shoulders, thick neck and head and all-around stocky body). Our feminesh has a nice booty, narrow shoulders, thin arms and nice long and perfectly proportioned limbs and curves.

■ This animesh avatar can be used as an NPC or you can use it with our "AVsitter Animesh Plugin" to rez an animesh avatar and have it sit with you.

■ Texture changer script is copy and transfer permissions (no mod)

■ Simple animate animesh script is full perms.

■ Animesh object is full perms!

■ Please try demo inworld!

■ Animesh has bento hands and head!

■ Animesh has custom rigged hair and shoes.

■ Animesh comes with menu accessible by typing the word "feminesh" in local chat (without quotes).

■ Animesh menu has:

•20 outfits
•7 skins
•Lingerie menu
•Bikini Menu
•A hair color menu
•A button to remove all clothing
•A button to remove shoes
•And much more!

■ Animesh has 3D feet!

■ Animesh is SLUV mapped.

■ Animesh has a clothing layer for SLUV clothes.

■ Bonus! If this product sells and gets reviews, I will spend the extra hours it will take to make more low poly hair rigged hair!

■ Bonus Bonus! If this product sells and gets reviews, I will spend the extra hours it will take to add more eye color textures, hair textures and shoe textures!

⚫ Terms and Conditions ⚫

Please change the permissions of the animesh to COPY ONLY (mod is okay)...

Please change the script permission inside of the animesh to COPY only!

Do not resell or give away full perm. Do not give away for free. Do not sell or give away with copy and transfer permissions. You must change the permissions to copy, no transfer.

You can set the animesh object to modify. That's okay!

Here's a video showing you how to setup a sofa with our animesh and our AVsitter Animesh Plugin: https://tinyurl.com/tavd6mf

Thank you!

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Perfect Female Animesh Bot - Great Support!

Posted December 26, 2020 by GloriaGlitter 5 stars

I was searching for a suitable female animesh bot for my AI bot project - was hesitant at first with the price tag but having worked with this package, it is well worth the investment. With the animations I have added, she walks around, sits on furniture and dances - looks perfect. My users love the idea that they can change the clothes and skin tones. On the support side, I made a request to the creator to have an option to allow just the owner to access the textures menu and this was implemented almost immediately - excellent support!

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Brilliant package, highly recommend

Posted December 06, 2020 by Bumme Unplugged 5 stars

An all in one superb package for you to set up a variety of nice looking Animesh characters. Comes with a ready made wardrobe and hair to make things even easier, it's a cinch to drop various Animesh scripts into her and bring her to life. I currently have one of this working as a massage girl in my Animesh brothel. You get so much for your money, and she's really well made compared to many other Animesh dolls. Bento too, and low prim for Animesh , you really cannot go wrong. I hope to get the male package too when I can afford it.

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