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Recreation of one of the historical electric trams that worked during the decade of 1940s in the Ria of Ferrol, Northwestern Spain. Modernised in the following decade, they were progressively losing ground against city buses until their disappearance in the early 1960s.

This tram uses a modified version of the free scripts from the Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC v2.6.0) and can be used on any tracks from the SLRR system.

* Pictures taken with CalWL, Night and Fairy Blue (Paulina) windlight settings.

*** 1. General Characteristics.

Length: 10 m.
Width: 2.5 m.
Total Height: 4.05 m.
Cabin Height: 3 m.
Capacity: 1 driver + 12 passengers.

*** 2. Tram Commands.

The tram can be controlled with a built-in menu or with the following commands:

E or PgDown: Change status from "Stopped" to "Idle" with the first touch, and from "Idle" to "Start" with the second, to increase the speed the following times.

C or PgUp: Decrease speed until the "Idle" status is reached.

Shift + Right Arrow: Instant Idle/Resume.

Shift + Left Arrow:: Flip train around.

Extra functions in the built-in menu are the activation of the bell sound and the possibility of switching the lights on and off.

*** 3. Adjusting of driver's position.

The driver's position is standing, causing tall avatars to penetrate the tram's floor with their feet. To correct this issue and adjust the driver's position, say the following in open chat:

++ Moves the avatar up 0.025 m.
-- Moves the avatar down 0.025 m.
+ Moves the avatar forward 0.025 m.
- Moves the avatar backwards 0.025 m.

*** 4. General Recommendations.

- It is recommended to turn your AO off to properly sit your avatar in the tram.
- Right click on the vehicle and select "Get In" to be able to drive.
- Passengers must sit on the tram after the driver. It is possible for them to sit in any specific spot activating Ctrl + Alt + T to see the invisible cubes over each one of the seats. Clicking on any of those will result in the passenger sitting in the desired place.

*** 5. Product Characteristics.

- Model:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: NO

- Scripts:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES*
Transfer: YES*

* with the exception of the adjustment script that is "no transfer / no modify" due to license requirement.

- Material: All Mesh (with the exception of the sitting prims).
- Land Impact: 26.

*** 6. Content.

- Mesh scripted model with city's coat of arms, route name and historical advert.
- Folder with textures.

*** 7. Customization.

The mesh model includes modifying rights to facilitate customization. The customer will be able to change colours, textures and parameters by editing each one of the mesh faces. Be free to modify the model or to add any logo or complement you wish.



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well at least it was cheep..

Posted July 06, 2022 by Zoren Manray 4 stars

Aside from the wheels seeming a bit small this tram looks quite nice. It's Li is good although it degrades a bit too fast from a distance.. Big disappointment though is the doors do not open.. They are all one object with the rest of the Tram so it can never even be modified to have opening doors. would have been nice to have known that detail.. Oh well it didn't cost much and still looks nice..

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