*Fig* Horse Tail 1A Naturals 01 Scripted w/Texture/Color Change & Action HUD

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*Updated* Quad Horse tail Hip and Stomach version added *See Additional Pictures.
Lovingly made for horses of all types in sl by a fellow horse lover. You can mod this to fit larger, smaller, or quad avs. Made with realistic hair textures that are better able to be matched with hair. Comes with touch texture and color change hud and also a wearable color and action control hud. This is the naturals sets, tips and more vibrant color versions to be released later. A demo for 0L$ can be found in world, no perms with a box attached.

If you need a custom coloring, ie for paints or others, please send me a note card, and I'll work with you. No extra charge.
To come - manes to match the tail. Also my sister's shop next to my own sells hair using the same textures,which is an even easier match and yes she takes requests ^^.

*Note if it says no mod in inventory it is still mod when worn or rezzed out, it is a script inside that is no mod that makes it no mod in inventory.

*Fignations* Horse Tail 1A – short braided base with hair band, Mod/Copy/No Trans
*Fig* Horse Tail 02S Naturals1A (H): attaches to hip
*Fig* Horse Tail 02S Naturals1A (S): attaches to stomach
(and quad versions fit to the hoof it horse)
First off, this tail has Texture and Color change available by Touch Menu, simply touch your tail to get a 'Blue Pop Up Menu' on the upper right of your screen. From there you can choose to either re-Texture or re-Color your Tail. There ar 47 Natural Colors to choose from in this set for the Hair part, and 18 colors or the Hair and Band. For a full List please see the Bottom of this read me. This Texture and Color (tint) changer, so do not be startled if you see it configuring when you wear it.

The Tail Hud controls in part the wag and other motions the tail can perform as well as having a HSL : (Hue, Color, Lightness) touch color for both the Hair and Band.

Tail Actions:
You can do these actions from the hud but if you want to make gestures or trigger these without wearing the hud you can use the short or long command for each action.
Type /7 (cammand here), type the command, ie: s in place of (command here).

Example: /7 s this will give it the command to start.

*Note that the tail wag runs automatically every time the tail is rezzed or worn. If you have the tail on when you log into Sl, it will start automatically. See the 'Hud Guide' Image to see what each button does.

Tail Command List, first short then long after (,) is used.
s, start ~ Starts the script after Quit has been used.
q, quit ~ Quits any action that has no 'end' action, like flag-under or leftup or rightup.
r, reset ~ Resets script, can use after flag-under, left and right up, or Quit.
f, flag ~ Positions the tail in a high 'up' position.
ra, raise ~ Positions the tail in a medium high 'up' position.
l, lift ~ Positions the tail in a slight 'up' postion.
d, default ~ Positions the tail in the ;default' position.
u, under ~ Positions the tail in a a slight 'down' position.
dn, down ~ Positions the tail in a 'down' position.
t, twitch ~ Twitches the tail a bit on command.
fl, flip ~ A motion which is more than a twitch and less than whip.
w, whip ~ A 'whip' motion, up and side to side.
ww, wide whip ~ A wide 'whip' motion that is a bit motion energetic than Whip.
ru, rightup ~ A position which puts the tail right and up
lu, leftup ~ A position which puts the tail Left and up

Use the Flag, Raise, Lift, Default, Under, Down, RightUp, and LeftUp to position the tail for moods and also to help get your tail out of prims, ie: you laying down and don't want your tail to appear as if they are in the furniture.
Use the Twitch, Flip, Whip, and Wild Whip to communicate your mood or just to brush off those annoying flies or persons :P.
From Greeting, to Joy, to Sadness, to Flipping someone off, these tail actions should cover all your Horsey Emotes.
And YES, I am looking to add more to this and perhaps have it able to say in chat what your tail is doing. Upgrades to the tail and Hud are free ^^. If you bought on Xstreet this will be done automatically, if in world, there will be a notice in my group and in the listing. When you do find out about an upgrade, please send me a note card with the name of the item you purchased and which to be sent an upgrade of. I will check my sales records and then send you the upgrade. This is also the same for replacements of lost items with copy/mod or copy only perms.

Peace and Carrots,
Amethsyt Gears

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Actually pretty good and at a great price, Satisfied :3

Posted February 18, 2013 by Neonz Snowpaw 5 stars

At first I was pissed the hell off because I didn't see the texture change colour but when I actually read in-depth to the instructions (I'm known to skim a lot when it comes to instructions because normally I can get it done without reading word for word) but I finally managed to get it to work, this was initially going to be for an avatar that I purchased but stuff happens and I won't be using that avatar, however I can use this tail with another one of my avatars, It's easily tintable when the texture is changed, however I had to delete the scripts in the tail, there are way too many (I did make copy's) the only con about this tail is the fact it's got over 100 scripts in it...my advice to buyers is to delete all of the scripts, this tail is a major memory hog with all of those scripts. Get it the way you like it and then delete the scripts. GREAT product though! even better price!

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Looks good- script heavy

Posted February 23, 2011 by Everian Hexem 3 stars

The tail looks very nice, comes with the HUD that's easy to use, can be recolored to almost anything imaginable, and has a great many features... but it's -very- heavy on scripts- 128 in the tail alone, which seems like a bit much.

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