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Lovingly made for Unicorns of all types on sl. This is based on my Lion Tail with totally new textures and modified to fit the unicorn type. It compliments horsey and hybrid avs, as well as hybrid types. You can mod this to fit larger, smaller, or quad avs as well as anthros. Comes with touch color change hud and action control hud. The Main part of the Tail and Tuft are colorable separately via chat and hud. A demo for 0L$ can be found in world, no perms with a box attached. 3 versions included, flexi with under strands, flexi without under strands, and a non flexi based with flexi strands. Each also comes in regular and small, and 2 attach versions: stomach and hip. All wag but you can turn it off by typing /7 q

Note: if you bought 1.1 in world and I have not sent you the 1.2 with fixes to texturing and perm errors, IM or drop me a note.

NOTES: If it says no mod in inventory it is still mod when worn or rezzed out, it is a script inside that is no mod that makes it no mod in inventory.

*Fig* – Unicorn Tail ~ 1.1 , scripted with Hud, Mod/Copy/No Trans
*Fig* Unicorn Tail ~ 1.1 (H): attaches to hip
*Fig* Unicorn Tail ~ 1.1 (S): attaches to stomach
Type A - Flexi with under wisps (Fantasy Type)
Type A2 - Flexi without side wisps (last minute, not pictured, but is near exact to Type A)
Type B - Non flexi base with flexi under wisps and tip (Fantasy Type).

This tail has a Color change available by chat on channel 8 and by a wearable Hud. These are independent so do not expect the Hud to know what color you chose via the chat method. it is easier to get a pure color with the chat one if you don't have enough experience with the Hud.
example /8 tuft <1,1,1> will make the tuft white

The Tail Hud Also controls in part the wag and other motions the tail can perform as well as having a HSL : (Hue, Color, Lightness) touch color for both the Tail and Tuft.

Tail Actions:
You can do these actions from the hud but if you want to make gestures or trigger these without wearing the hud you can use the short or long command for each action.
Type /7 (command here), type the command, ie: s in place of (command here).

Example: /7 s this will give it the command to start.

*Note that the tail wag runs automatically every time the tail is rezzed or worn. If you have the tail on when you log into Sl, it will start automatically. See the 'Hud Guide' Image to see what each button does.

Tail Command List, first short then long after (,) is used.
s, start ~ Starts the script after Quit has been used.
q, quit ~ Quits any action that has no 'end' action, like flag-under or leftup or rightup. Is Also a STOP - ie it will stop animating at all.
r, reset ~ Resets script, can use after flag-under, left and right up, or Quit.
f, flag ~ Positions the tail in a high 'up' position.
ra, raise ~ Positions the tail in a medium high 'up' position.
l, lift ~ Positions the tail in a slight 'up' postion.
d, default ~ Positions the tail in the ;default' position.
u, under ~ Positions the tail in a a slight 'down' position.
dn, down ~ Positions the tail in a 'down' position.
t, twitch ~ Twitches the tail a bit on command.
fl, flip ~ A motion which is more than a twitch and less than whip.
w, whip ~ A 'whip' motion, up and side to side.
ww, wide whip ~ A wide 'whip' motion that is a bit motion energetic than Whip.
ru, rightup ~ A position which puts the tail right and up
lu, leftup ~ A position which puts the tail Left and up

Use the Flag, Raise, Lift, Default, Under, Down, RightUp, and LeftUp to position the tail for moods and also to help get your tail out of prims, ie: you laying down and don't want your tail to appear as if they are in the furniture.
Use the Twitch, Flip, Whip, and Wild Whip to communicate your mood or just to brush off those annoying flies or persons :P.
From Greeting, to Joy, to Sadness, to Flipping someone off, these tail actions should cover all your Furry Emotes.
And YES, I am looking to add more to this and perhaps have it able to say in chat what your tail is doing. Upgrades to the tail and Hud are free ^^. If you bought on Xstreet this will be done automatically, if in world, there will be a notice in my group and in the listing. When you do find out about an upgrade, please send me a note card with the name of the item you purchased and which to be sent an upgrade of. I will check my sales records and then send you the upgrade. This is also the same for replacements of lost items with copy/mod or copy only perms.
Please leave me a note if you have any issues or need help modding.

Please leave a rating or review. Suggestions, Critiques are welcome even if you don't buy, just drop a not e to me in world.

I hope to have a tiny and micro version available soon, different attachment points - ie spine are making it a bit harder to convert it.

See item in Second Life ®



  • Wagging
  • Action Hud
  • Colour change
  • 3 versions, A, A2, & B

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Posted April 28, 2017 by SIN Darkfold 5 stars

I am making a unicorn girl and got this tail for her. It is very nice and I like the movements. Nice purchase :) yay modify :)

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Nice tail, but the movement!?

Posted November 09, 2015 by Ssrau 2 stars

The look is nice, but I don't like that the tail wiggles like mad all the time! The wiggling is annoying, far from natural and looks stupid, and I am not able to make the tail stay still :s That's why i was dissapointed.

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