Free Child-Animation Overrider (Kids-Animation Overrider) (more for girls :) )

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Please rate this item, I would be happy... :)

Well I know this is one of the oldest Child-AOs here in SL, I guess. I was made by myself as a cheap alternative. All animations in it are made by myself in 2009, except one, that was bought as fullperm.

By the way: when wearing this child-AO, so type in chat "ao on" without quotations! But scripts must be allowed on that parcel or the group you belong to, otherwise the AO will not function!

Yes... this is a nearly free (1L) animation override!

What is an animation override?
Well, the easiest explanation is: it is an exchange of the most SL-given animations, when you walk around SL. SL gave your avatar all it needs for moving in SL. Walking, flying, jumping, falling, standing and lots more. But many residents don't like these SL-given animations and want to change them. For example: little girls don't like to walk like muppets, we more like to have something like a "jumpwalk"...
So it exist this (and other) Animation Overrider scripts, written by several good scripters (thanks to them!)
You will find these scripts in the most animation overriders and you will pay lots of Lindens for it. Sure... you do not pay for the script itself, because it's free... you pay for the animations, which are often selfmade or bought. And they cost a lot when you need them in copy/transfer-mode.
The most important is the walking animation for kids. So we created an Animation Overrider for free and we give away this expensive animation for free to all who want it. But we have to give away the Animation Overrider as a "no transfer"-version, because of this walk-animation we bought for ourself. The Licence forces us to do so.
But we need your help: We have some poses in it, which are not the best for kids. And we hope you have some in your inventar, which are lots better. If you have some - and they are copy/transfer (important!!), so send it to me (DeniseHoorn Slade) and I will insert it to our free Animation Overrider. Thanx in advance.

But why is this AO free?

Well, I am a child-avatar for myself I spent lots of money for freebies... :( I was a noob, was silly enough... and last but not least, I got more careful what I buy because lots of other kids helped me. Now it's my turn to help others. This is my gift to all (new) kids in the block... :) I hope you enjoy it.

The picture is showing only some examples of integrated animations!

DeniseHoorn Slade



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Posted October 03, 2012 by CuteHunniTeddy 1 star

the walk isn't soo good, if your looking for a child ao, you can IM me and I'll send you one (for free). There aren't many out there, but I'd rather go without one than use this one.

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... ( you dont have to read all of this its long... )

Posted April 09, 2012 by hotpink769 4 stars

im sorry but if i hurt anyone's feelings im very sorry but im just making my own opinions about this
AO CHILDREN DONT SKIP LIKE THAT -is out of breath by saying those really harsh words- well um o_o still very good AO im also glad its free :) i do still like it :D

NO NO SINCE I SAID THOSE harsh words ^ does not mean i dont like this AO its still very good
i mean very very good i have been useing this AO for a while :) but then i noticed o_O whats with this skipping im noticing so i got a new one -_- BUT I STILL USE IT OK!!!! OK!!!! IM DEFIANTLY STILL USEING THIS AO FOR SURE CUZ ITS THE BEST AO FOR PEOPLE I ALSO DO RECCOMEND IT CUZ ITS FREE AND ALL. so i will give it a 4 out of 5 :) also for all that hard work you put into it Denise im very very sorry for saying those harsh words up there ^ so please forgive me. :o and im also very sorry for those others i hurt. also please forgive me for those harsh things i did up there ^ :)

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