Gold Hunt Coins - Increase Land Traffic (50% commission) Version B11

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SPECIAL OFFER 490 instead 1490 L$.

LONG ESTABLISHED SINCE 2011 with over 228,514 players registered Gold Hunt is the most popular hunt game in Second Life Grid.



1) Rez any of the 160 different items that come in the package!
2) Pay into each of the items to activate them.
3) Players will find you using our HUDs and website

Our gaming network is a designed to bring REAL PLAYERS, not bot traffic

✔ After being claimed coins become invisible for a random period of time
✔ Coins require a countdown before they can be claimed
✔ Coins will ask a numerical question before being claimed. This must be answered within 1 minute
✔ Coins may be named randomly via coin menu
✔ Coins can't be claimed repeatedly and have a cool down
✔ Coins can be named randomly to prevent use of search features

► 20 x Scrap Coins (0.05L$ reward - 30s wait time to claim — 15 minutes delay between appearances)
► 20 x Iron Coins (0.1L$ reward - 60s wait time to claim — 1hr delay between appearances)
► 20 x Bronze Coins (0.2L$ reward 120s wait time to claim — 3hr delay between appearances)
► 20 x Silver Coins (0.5L$ reward - 240s wait time to claim — 6hr delay between appearances)
► 20 x Gold Coins (1L$ reward - 300s wait time to claim — 12hr delay between appearances)
► 20 x Emerald Gems (2L$ reward - 300s wait time to claim — 1 day delay between appearances)
► 20 x Ruby Gems (5L$ reward - 300s wait time to claim — 1 day delay between appearances)
► 20 x Diamond Gems (10L$ reward - 300s wait time to claim — 1 day delay between appearances)

► 1 x Gold Rush Station (send GOLD RUSH group notices to our 22,000 player group automatically)
► 1 x Website Login Token
► 1 x Group Joiner & Landowner Donations Board
► 1 x Full Accessories Pack

Our website gives you complete control over every aspect of the Gold Hunt System:

● Set items to recharge automatically from our ATM machines, or turn off and use the manual setting.
● Change the title, description and landing point SLURL of your land.
● Get a daily breakdown of estimated costs from using our system.
● Get a complete itinerary of game items and their status.

● Your land ranked in our lands list according to land points you've built up - more traffic over time.
● Your land gets its own LAND PROFILE WEBPAGE where you can write a biography about it and even post links.

✔ Commission fund our servers, customer support staff and development team for new improvements.

● 50% commission when paying into your items. Amount after fee is added to item's balance.
● Accounting is stored on an independent web server giving you 100% security of your funds.
● Money is paid to our bank avatar that holds the funds safely for players to collect when they earn.

MASSIVE 43,833 PLAYER Linden Gold Hunters (LGH) GROUP
Our games have over 228,514 players and a 24/7 lively chat room.

We run one of the largest and most established communities in Second Life - you get direct access to that customer base.

We have a full rota of staff ready to give you virtually 24/7 customer support, as well as a tickets system to make sure your questions are answered.

Customer Support Group:
(paste into local chat and click)

● secondlife:///app/group/4317d1cb-e39c-6e0d-5933-1f940b4eead4/about

On Site Chat/Support System visit:
( us in bottom right corner)

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  • Place coins and gems on your land to attract visitors and increase land traffic
  • Get listed on our website and player HUDs
  • 228,514 players and over 43,833 group members
  • Fully integrated website backend to set as you like
  • Set up a land profile page to sell your land and business

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Really think these products are a bargain, they do what they say they do and bring traffic; what you do from then is up to you :D

Posted March 08, 2012 by Buffy Vyper 5 stars

The previous reviews are dubious at best, of course some people will be more successful at getting players to spend their money at their land, this is the whole way advertisement works, I know Ashtons land from a while back was busy, it was stuffed with coins but all the shops and things to buy were way over the other side of the sim, well away from the teleport point so people didn't ever get to see them unless they were specifically looking and/or hunting.

The golden rule in any real estate is location, hiding your shops at the other end of a piece of land AND then charging people what they do not have available in their pocket is a recipe for disaster, I went to Ashtons land on occasion and wanted some of his products, but never could afford the hundreds of linden they were being advertised for; if he wished to make money from gold hunters why didn't he place some cheaper wares nearer the beach where the vast majority of coins and gems where?

You cannot exactly blame the advertising medium for that. Would you blame a television network if you blew £500,000 on a 30 second spot targeting a demographic that could not afford what you were advertising?

As for the upgrades Galvana mentions, I am assured they are very near completion, there are many different aspects to this traffic generation tool and it cannot possibly all be done at once and as for TOS issues, I cannot comment on that however I can say that I have no intention of ever having doubt cast upon me; if you think something is dubious and you can be caught for something "illegal" then it usually is.

I for one am very happy with these products (and especially with the fishing as that keeps people on your land and with a few shops nearby), and without some way to get people on my land I would be stuffed since I am neither a very good DJ or designer lol

Anyway, in summary, I will not stop buying these products, I basically want traffic and like the mix of people it brings :)

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Posted August 29, 2011 by Harley Watts 5 stars

This will bring you real people & increase traffic for your business I suggest upgrading ASAP use 80% tax only as a test I just purchased the 50% tax pack to cut my costs. I have spoken to many hunters & they’re a friendly bunch that tells me gold hunt is a good thing for *HARLEYWOOD MALL & CLUB*, it even got me some new mall tenants & has increased my club group buy 15% so far. Forget using camping equipment this is the future of generating traffic for businesses why pay bots who do nothing except sit there

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  • 4.5 stars Reviews (22)

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