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During busy times in clubs, concerts, venues and events, hosts and hostesses may have a difficult time remembering who they have and have not greeted. The purpose of the Greeting Advisor HUD is to assist them in performing this duty. The HUD keeps track of who is currently present and whether or not the HUD owner has chatted a greeting key word to them. At any time, the HUD owner can ask the HUD for a list of currently present avatars that have or have not been greeted. This enables the host/hostess to issue personalized greetings.

In addition, the Greeting Advisor HUD can automatically send a greeting message you specify to avatars as they arrive or that have not yet been greeted. You can include their display name and/or their user name in the message. You can send in public or private chat, or disable auto greetings entirely. This gives you the flexibility to either send greetings manually for a personal touch, or send them automatically to reduce your workload. The capability to send randomized auto greeting messages makes them look less "canned".

The Greeting Advisor HUD can also monitor local chat for messages for specific terms (e.g. owner's name and/or other key words). When found in a public chat message not sent by the HUD owner, the HUD will play an alert sound that will be heard only by the HUD owner. This can be helpful to a host/hostess in a busy venue by alerting them to public chat messages that may be of interest to them.

The Plus version HUD can also be used to give items to avatars. Drop one or more items into the HUD's Contents. They can be any type of item (e.g. notecards, landmarks, objects, textures, etc.). The items can have any next owner permissions, however you must have copy and transfer permissions. Select the "Give to Greeted", "Give to Not Greeted", or :"Give to All" button to give the items to the respective list of avatars. You can also set the HUD to automatically give the inventory items to new arrivals by setting AutoGive=ENABLED.

HUD: Modify, Copy, No-Transfer
Scripts: No-Modify, Copy, No-Transfer

Setting up the Greeting Advisor HUD is a simple process. Just edit the Greeting Advisor Config notecard to specify your preferences.

MonitoredArea=PARCEL or REGION
MonitorRate=Rate at which area is queried.
MaxRange=Maximum range to detect avatars.
KeepDelay=Away time after which to treat as new arrival.
Greetings=Greeting words/phrases to look for in chat.
IgnoreAvatars=List to avatars to ignore.
AlertOwnerTerms=Comma separated list of terms that will cause a sound to be played if any of the terms appear in a public chat message not sent by the HUD owner.
ListFormat=FULL or CSV

While wearing the HUD, you greet avatars via local chat messages as normal. Include at least one of the specified greeting words or phrases and the avatar's name in the chat message. You can use either the legacy name or display name. Greetings and names are NOT case sensitive.

As new avatars enter the monitored area, they are added to the "Not Greeted" list. When you send a local chat message containing any of the specified greeting words or phrases and an avatar's name (e.g. Hello Fred), that avatar is moved from the "Not Greeted" to the "Greeted" list. Avatars not currently in the monitored region are removed from both lists.

You can also change the auto greet function between DISABLED, PUBLIC and PRIVATE using the "Auto Greet" button on the HUD or via the Config notecard.

For legacy names you can use the full name or just the first or last name (e.g. "Hello Fred Allandale" or "Hello Fred" or "Hello Mr. Allandale" will match "Fred Allandale"). You do NOT need to add "Resident". Do NOT use quotes. Do NOT put a period between names (not fred.allandale). When a legacy name is made up of a first and last names, they must be separated by a space.

For display names you can use first, last or any middle name as long as they are separated by a space (e.g. "Hello Sarah" or "Hello Jessica" or "Hello Ms. Parker" will match "Sarah Jessica Parker").

You can greet more than one avatar in a single message if you want to ("Hello Fred and Sarah" will mark both "Fred Allandale" and "Sarah Jessica Parker" as greeted. You will get a warning message in private chat when this happens in case that is not what you intended.

At any time you can select "Show Not Greeted", "Show Greeted", or "Show All" on the HUD to get the corresponding list in your private chat.

At any time you can select "Give Not Greeted", "Give Greeted" or "Give All" on the HUD to give Items in the HUD Contents(e.g., notecards, landmarks, objects, etc.) to the corresponding avatar list.

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  • HUD for hosts and hostesses
  • Advises who you did and did not greet.
  • Monitors parcel or entire region optionally limited to specified range
  • Gives items from HUD Contents to greeted, not greeted, or all avatars
  • Options to auto greet and auto give inventory

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