Grid-Wide Transporter, Mystic Version 3.6.2

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Prim count for this model is 1 to 10.

The Mystic Portal is a high-speed teleporter with unique, will-o-the-wisp transporter effects and a clean, elegant look to fit almost any nature or magical setting. The Mystic portal features three models -- a 13-prim magical gate, a 4-prim wooden ring with glowing runes, and a single-prim lightpad. All objects are modifiable to suit your needs.

About the Portal Network

Novatech Grid-Wide Transporters (portals) are powerful grid-wide teleporters with rez-and-go ease. In just a few minutes you can setup a network of transporters spanning not only your sim, but the entire grid! Novatech Portals are backward compatible with older Novatech teleporters, emDash, Away Team and the Type 40 and Type 70.

Portals come in a wide variety of models, ranging from sci-fi to fantasy, horror to modern. Novatech portals offer grid-wide travel for your guests, with easy rez-and-go setup. Novatech portals can be made visible to anyone on the grid, making it easy to bring explorers to your location. You may also set them private, in which case only your portals will see your private locations.

Portals offer different sounds and effects depending on the model. Most transporters also include a few models to choose from. These range from a simple 1-prim pad to more elaborate constructs such as transporter rooms, fireplaces and mystic portals. All have the same abilities and and can travel anywhere on the grid!

The system is designed with new users in mind. The beam appears only after a destination is selected, and provides simple instructions for use. The portals are also modifiable, so you can change the style to suit your tastes. Just be sure to leave the root prim intact. If you unlink it, nothing else will work.

With the "Rez and Go" system, installation is as easy as rezzing a portal and renaming it. You can also change access rights, making your portal invisible to the rest of the grid, or limit usage to specific people.

For ultimate flexibility, all Novatech transporters include multiple models, including a 1-prim "light" pad for more subtle applications, and a receiving station for one-way, incoming ports.

All Novatech transporters are compatible with each other, emDash and the Type 40 and Type 70 TTCs. With thousands of customers and hundreds of public locations to explore, the portal network is growing rapidly. Won't you come along for a ride?

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  • Grid-wide teleporter
  • Easy rez-and-rename setup
  • Full security options

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NOT RECOMMENDED!!! It is a MAP based teleporter if ALL potential users dont fix Viewer settings.

Posted October 25, 2013 by spacefish 1 star

I bought this teleporter thinking that it would work grid-wide in the same way as a sim-wide / normal Teleporter pad to connect my club to the burn2 Festival.

I found out that it works like a normal "beam me up " device only if you and any person who intends to use it enable RLV settings in their viewers.

Otherwise this device will ONLY show the person who uses it the regular SL MAP.
If this would have been CLEARLY MENTIONED in the product description, I would have NOT BOUGHT it!

You can get a "Map based teleporter" for as little as L$10 or even a free script.

Don't get me wrong - the design/ building work is good- although it is HEAVILY SCRIPTED (lag) and will not work in some club when 30 people are dancing.

I did not expect any money back since it comes with copy permissions when I contacted the creator.

Unfortunately even after lengthy discussion and trying in a friendly way to explain my point of view, the creator does not see the need to mention in the product description that RLV settings need to be enabled by everyone (in their viewers) when using the device or it will be a simple "map popping up device".

He claimed that I should have known this by reading the users manual.
However, the manual is only available after purchasing the product- and i told him the same.

Then he said that it is written in the product description that one can go InWorld and get the manual before the purchase- which is not true!

When I copy-pasted the product description into IM - he gave some excuses.

From the beginning of our conversation he was very defensive and slowly turned EXTREMELY RUDE and started to verbally attack me in IM and called me names.

Additionally he bad-mouthed me in his Support Group Chat.

Last but not least he threatened that he would report me if I give a bad review.
Will NEVER buy from this creator anything again in my LIFE!!!

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Thank you

Posted December 13, 2011 by Darius Thane 5 stars

Very rarely do I post a review, but this product does exactly what I wanted. Flawless operation and solid scripting. As well as beautiful..Just what I was looking for. Thank you for a superior item!

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  • 4.53 stars Reviews (15)

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