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When poets and song writers mention the "Bluebird" this is the one they are usually referring to. The Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) is songbird of the highest caliber. A repertoire of beautiful songs and a stunning bird to behold, you would be blessed to see on in RL but now you can own one in SL. Our Eastern Blue comes packed with a variety of songs you will enjoy in any setting.

--------About the Birds-----------

Our birds will all add a very high level of realism to your home, forest, garden or sim. They are built with the specific purpose of giving you the highest quality, most unique and best value of any on the grid.

Hundreds of hours have been invested in putting these birds together as a part of our "Second Nature" Collection. A new line of Grizzly Creek products built specifically to bring the wilderness into digital space.

Textures: Each one is carefully sculpted in Blender and every texture from butt to beak is hand painted over a high resolution photograph. This eliminates seams, bleeding, blurriness, over saturation, "cartoonyness" and any of the other myriad of mapping issues, purely photo based textures suffer from.

Our songbirds use all three primary forms of animation. Sculpt- To produce a bird which naturally looks around and tilts its head quizzically.
Texture - Using texture flipping to have each bird blink its eyes naturally .
Prim - This rounds out the animation by randomly having each bird assume a unique body posture.
Because each of them relies on some sculpt based animation it can be actually built as many as 9 times to produce a new sculpt map for each pose the he/she may adopt at any time.

Our prim based animation adds an additional level of movement that you would expect from a living creature. Your bird may shift its weight, bend over to look at something on the ground or up at the sky all in a completely random manner, rarely producing the same posture combination at any given time. This eliminates the mechanical repetitive feel that is usually the case. We made a very concerted effort to avoid the famous "drinking bird" effect that seems to be very common amongst most of the small birds made today.

The sounds used for all our birds songs are species specific and NEVER generic. They are derived from high quality recordings made by the builder himself or obtained from various sources including close friends and acquaintances in the ornithology departments of several major universities. Each clip is unique and may contain as many as 3-5 songs per clip. We have also taken into account regional variations, and put them in as well.

Each bird in our Basic Sets is only 3 prims and you can easily add as many as you would like without a large impact on your overall prim load.

All of the scripting was designed to be as low lag as possible so you can rez multiple birds without any major impact to your sim speed.

When added to your environment we think you will immediately see the difference. Not only are we bringing you a product on a level of excellence rarely seen but we also are giving you FAR more value for your investment then any other comparable bird. We invite you to compare our birds with any others available and we will stand behind the Grizzly Creek Songbirds.
There really are far more features and considerations we really don't have the room to list (believe it or not) here so feel free to review the documentation and just dig right in and and play with the models.
We will be offering our latest songbirds regularly and in no time you can build an impressive collection, all for the same low price and guarantee of quality and precision.

We are VERY excited about this new line and think you will be also once you try any of them.



  • Fully Animated - Sculpt, Texture and Prim Animation
  • Blinking Eyes, Moving Head, Moving Body
  • Sings Species Appropriate Songs (Contains Multiple Songs)
  • Daylight Only Singing or Anytime With Random Timing and Songs
  • Ultra Detailed Hand Worked Texturing

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Best birds for your SL home/area!

Posted July 30, 2016 by Rys Vaughan 5 stars

I can't believe I neglected to make a review for their birds! Upon getting a new home in SL years ago and needing to make a beautiful yard and area for myself and my boyfriend, I searched for ways to add not only looks but ambiance. I wanted a living home all our own to enjoy. Upon finding these birds from Grizzly Creek, I bought a couple..and ended up buying every. Single. One.

I own all 25 (at the time of this writing) birds, and I love them! We switch them out now and then for variety, and I love hearing them come to life during the day. It adds more depth to our Second Life home, and if you want a natural setting to come more alive, I highly recommend these birds.

As someone who was born and raised in Hawaii, I hope someday they take a good crack at some birds found here in my home state! If they do, you bet your okole, (there's your Hawaiian word of the day), I'll scoop them right up.

TL;DR - ♥ smol birbs, got all smol birbs, very gud smol birbs, recommend Grizzly Creek smol birbs!

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What a beautiful Bird!

Posted July 10, 2013 by Storry Telling 5 stars

I was browsing for birds on MP, and found your free cut throat .. I decided to buy this one too. I am SO Pleased! The detail is truly stunning! I was amazed with the eyes..the feathers..Just wonderful! You must be a real Bird lover. I came back to get a few more species for my woodland. I wish you would make some SEA birds too! Sandpipers would be very cute!

Thank you for creating such a lovely blue bird!
Astoria Telling

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