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Please note you will recive a relay box. Just rez it out and it will send you the product. This relay was put into place to give updates out easier to customers.

Online Brochore: http://kev7993.wix.com/husky-aviation#!crj-700/cny0

Difficulty: Requires Practice and Training (Please ask Kev Barony or Tank Kwaszes for a Demo Flight!)

This is a simulated aircraft! as close to realistic physics as second life allows!
Please allow yourself some time to train and practice before bringing it into an airline service.
You will find the CRJ to be a challenging and thrilling aircraft to fly in sl!

Brought into service in 2001, the CRJ-700 is an upgraded version of the CRJ-100/200 which were derived from the challenger business jet.
The aircraft was stretched longer for greater seating capacity, received an upgraded engine, Landing gear, and flight systems.
The aircraft itself is still in service today mainly used for regional routes, unloading and reloading passengers and baggage across destinations in short periods of time.

This Aircraft is a Co-production between Husky Aviation (kev barony), Laminar Systems (Tank Kwaszes) Forbidden Industries (Gunshot Tearfall) and Shergood Aviation (Kelly Shergood)
Visual model and Interior textures - Kyo Cipher (kev Barony)
Flight Physics and Systems - Siris Vulpecula (Tank Kwaszes)
Exterior Textures - Vøɪᴅ Sʜᴀᴅøᴡғʀɪɢʜᴛ (GunShot Tearfall)
Global Positioning System – Kelly Shergood
The aircraft package includes:

CRJ-700 Regional Airliner (Aircraft Itself)
CRJ-700 HUD (Attached Hud (Optional but recommended))
CRJ-700 Instructions/Features/Disclosures (please read)
CRJ-700 Checklist
Texture Changer
Modify and Copy
Yes this aircraft does come with modify permissions for custom textures to be applied and for custom meshes (such as bags) to be added as well. Developer texture
PSDs are available on our Dropbox (Link at bottom of page) along with custom texture sets for sale online by .:HA:. and other providers (you could be one of them!)
We encourage customization and personalization but we at Husky Aviation, Laminar Systems, and Forbidden Industries are not responsible for any damage to the aircraft
or any sims involved with said aircraft. If your aircraft is giving you trouble, start over with a fresh copy. The CRJ-700 is programmed to take any input by the pilot even if
unwanted (want to go right but press left by accident). Beware, be safe, and have fun!
Thank you
Auto Setting Tail Number
Fully animated control surfaces:

*Doors (interior and exterior)
Fully animated cockpit displays, HUD, and Passenger entertainment screens
143 Prims/ 136 Land Impact
We strongly recommend that you check the online pilot manual before flight:

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  • Fully animated
  • Functioning GPS and Transponder
  • Allows for a full cabin (passanger wise)
  • Functioning hud

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A Simulation Potential, But really can use an update!!

Posted February 02, 2020 by CJCap81 4 stars

I have seen some comments and reviews that Already address my suggestions. However, this was back in 2016. Welcome to 2020... wheres an update? The first that comes to my mind is turning. it's absolutely nothing like a sim Airplane. First off the CRJ can actually turn in the air on a dime. It's able to make sharp turns due to its nature to make challenging approaches in the real world, and let's face it in SL we need to make sharp turns. The second biggest thing that catches my attention, is the trim system. I have gone from +20 to 0 and to me I do not see a difference. I had the honor of working with the CRJ in real life, and I can say that this aircraft comes as close as possible, but there are reasons why it is for regional and rugged terrain airfields. it turns sharp and can come in at slow speeds. Im giving this aircraft a 4.5 rating. there are a few minor bugs with it. 1. the taxi lights and landing lights dont glow as veiwed in the product picture. 2. the tail number, no matter how much you reset it doesn't seem to be working. 3. Pushback speed way to fast!!. a suggestion for me to the creators would be to keep going this can be an amazing aircraft do not give up on it... also perhaps automatic spoliers would be amazing as well. All in All for new buyers I encourage you to buy this craft. It is really fun to fly as well as challenging. May not be a good buy for the beginner pilots.

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I will be happy to see future updates

Posted March 09, 2016 by Jolene Wingtips 4 stars

This plane has potential, but there are still things that I think need to be addressed. For one thing the plane sort of waddles as you move along the tarmac. The plane has trouble going into push back, you have to physically wiggle the plane back and forth to get it to move backwards. The push back needs to be slowed down, not sure why the creator just didn't do a standard reverse. The one thing I dislike the most is you can not pull the nose up while using the rudder, and therefore you are in a constant dive while turning. Tilting your wings makes very little difference for turning, it just tilts the plane; and rudder usage while making a turn is an absolute must with this airplane. I don't think slowing the script engine down qualifies for making a realistic flight, it just makes the plane unresponsive.....I feel it's just a fight in these small SL sims to get this plane through a smooth turn. I got tired of hitting sim corners. This plane needs to have a slower cruising speed. I found it almost impossible to get the plane to fly level, and even with the trim set at plus 20; the nose of the plane is still dropping. I felt like I was spending more time looking at the gauges then I was enjoying the view out the cockpit windows. And speaking of gauges, although the cockpit is realistically detailed; I think more could have been done to make the cockpit switches more interactive for a plane that cost 3200 lindens. Hopefully future updates will fix all this stuff, and one more thing I feel that the livery that was supplied with this plane was sub par at best, and that forced me to go out and spend another 350 L for a decent livery.

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