HEC DEMO Catherine Tintable Thigh High Stockings FATPACK OS-00D Version 1.2

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Watermarked demo w/ HEC logo on head. Watermarks may hide details, shown otherwise.

Fatpack & Slimpacks are sold separately! Slimpacks come with 1 main-fabric. The rest of the options are identical.


• Revamped HUD
• 4 extra Band fabrics in Slimpacks
• More Sheer & Glow levels
• Adjustable Gloss for Band and Main
• Manual RGB Input Updates the Color-Picker
• Added Leg Lights in the bundle

To see the garment in all its glory, enable Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) in the Graphics preferences of your viewer and switch on the lights of the room you are in (or use the included "Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing").

More info on ALM: https://goo.gl/1j6945

__________ N O T E __________

For fit/visual issues, read the [FIT] section below.
For help with the HUD, read the [HUD DRIVEN] section below.

Original Content!

5 parts (band, main, seam, heels, toes), 4 main fabrics (sheer, fancy, hearts, fishnet), 5 band fabrics (default, 2 rib stitched, 2 lacy), 5 seam/heel fabrics (opaque, any main fabric), letting you mix & match unlimited colors, sheer, gloss and glow levels. Fit in most shoes by default, but you may also hide the heel & toe (even the band or the whole pair).

▄▄ [ FIT for MAITREYA ] ▄▄▄

For Maitreya Lara high-feet ONLY. Fit in most shoes by default, but you may also hide the heel and toe from the HUD.

*** Shape adjustments may be necessary

For fit/visual issues, you may try any or all of the following:

• take off any body Physics you may wear
• hide/take off or set to mask-mode other sheer items (tattoos, hair, sheer garment, etc)
• make shape adjustments to the offending spots of your body

__________ N O T E __________
The stockings use ALM for highly realistic semi-sheer textures. This level of detail requires "alpha blend mode", meaning the stockings may not show through other sheer items. This is a known SL limitation. If the conflicting items offer you a choice, try setting those to "alpha mask mode". Since it cannot render semi-sheer fabrics, we don't offer an "alpha mask mode" option.

▄▄ [ HUD DRIVEN ] ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

Use the included 'HEC HUD' to process any of the following parts/groups: ALL, band, main, seam, heel, toe, trims, seamless (main+seam+heel), seam+heel.

To process a part/group, first select it at the top of the HUD. Its relevant options will appear on the HUD (different parts may show different options).

Endless tinting is achieved via either the color palette (hue & saturation) and the vertical slider (brightness), or any of the 17 preset basic web colors, or any of the colors you have already saved in the Saved Colors swatches. The Current Color preview swatch also works as a colorization button. To reset the active part to its original tint, click on the Reset button located right below the vertical slider.

The Show/Hide button works as an On/Off switch (only available for ALL, band, heel, toe).

The Sheer slider offers 15 levels of sheerness.

The Glow slider offers 15 levels of glowing (including "no glow").

The FABRICS section shows different options depending on the active part. The Band and Main fabrics come with their own GLOSSINESS sliders. Their effect is visible only when ALM is enabled in the viewer. Always use the slider that corresponds to the currently worn fabric, else the glossiness will be out of sync (in case of a mistake, just select again the correct fabric).

The Seam and Heel parts can be set to either opaque or to any of the main fabrics. For seamless look set them to the currently worn main fabric (see also the separate "How To Make Seamless Looks" notecard).

Please see also the included 'Sample Universal HUD Visual Guide' picture (the actual HUD may look a bit different, but the functionality remains exactly the same).

▄▄ [ MATERIALS ] ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

This is a Materials Enabled, 100% mesh item. It looks best with ALM enabled in the Graphics preferences of your viewer.

▄▄ [ INCLUDED ] ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

• HEC HUD - to be used with any of the included sizes
• HEC Sample Universal HUD Quick Help - generic notecard to get the most out of the HUD
• HEC Sample Universal HUD Visual Guide - generic illustration for better understanding the HUD (your HUD may look different, but the functionality remains the same)

• 1 Maitreya Lara HighFeet size

• Leg Lights Box (unpack separately) - for boosting glossiness in places with poor lighting, ONLY when ALM is enabled.
• Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing (unpack separately) - for testing HEC apparel when ALM is enabled.

• A few more helping Notecards.

*** In all cases, shape adjustments may be necessary
All vendor pictures are genuine representations of the depicted items as they appear in-world, with the Advanced Lighting Model setting enabled in the Graphics preferences of our selected viewer.

Thank you, and if you like the product, give it a review. It is greatly appreciated!

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  • Multiple Sheer Levels
  • HUD driven
  • Materials Enabled
  • Unlimited Color Combinations
  • Mutiple Fabrics

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HEC - hot elegant clothing
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