-Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox with mail drop [mesh]

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Thank you for your interest in the -Hanaya- Forest Clearing Mailbox, brand new for spring 2016.

You will find 2 versions in your folder.

The 'mail drop' version allows people to drop notecards (or textures etc), and allows you to retrieve them when you log in. Lots of other settings - read below please.

The other version is for decor, but is also scripted so that clicking the mailbox opens and closes it, raising the red flag and revealing mail inside. If you like, remove the script


If you are using the mailbox with maildrop, rez it out. You can use it as is (default settings), or change it up as you like. To do so, touch the mailbox to pop up the Setings Menu.

You can turn off the hover text, make it less visible and change it's colour.
You can change the text to whatever you wish.

You can have the mailbox email you when there is mail (e.g.) you have new 3 notecards or whatever.
You can have a custom message that the person who left the mail will receive via local chat.

You can disable the mailbox so that no-one can send you mail XD


To leave a notecard (or image or object), you or anyone else holds CONTROL and drags the item onto the mailbox. The mailbox's outline will briefly turn red. If you have enabled a thank you, you will see it in local chat.

When there is one or more notecards, the mailbox flap will open revealing letters and package inside, and the red indicator will move to the vertical position, and if you have hover text enabled, it will show the number of notecards inside.

To read the notecards, drag them out of the mailbox into your inventory and open as usual (as long as they were set to modify by the person that left them). DO NOT REMOVE THE SCRIPT! But if you do, delete the whole thing and rez out a new mailbox.

When you empty the mailbox, it will reset, the front flap will close and the red mail indicator will move back to the horizontal position. Your settings choices will remain the same.


- hover text on
- hover text alpha 0.5 (half visible)
- hover text white
- thank you set to "Thanks, the owner will receive this as soon as they get back."
- drop Allowed
- email is not set up


The base module is copy/modify but will appear as no mod in your inventory, due to the fact that the script is no mod.


While the actual prims have modify permission, they will appear as no mod in your inventory. This is due to the fact that the animations and scripts are no mod. Before modifying, we suggest you make a backup copy in your inventory. Also, please do not change link order, or rename the names of the individual prims or change the descriptions - doing so may render the scripts unusable. If that happens, rez out a new version from your inventory - it is copy :-)


If you have any questions or comments or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for visiting the -Hanaya- web store.

To keep up-to-date on latest releases please read our blog at http://hanaya.eregion.de/

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  • 100% mesh
  • 2 versions - fully working mailbox with mail drop or a decor version
  • includes rock base, tree branch, letters and package
  • exquisite texturing

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