-Hanaya- Iconic Glass House [mesh]

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Thank you for your interest in the -Hanaya- Iconic Glass House. The house is 100% original mesh built by Moriko Inshan, and is a single object with a Land Impact of 16 at provided size (22 x 37 meters).

The build is a scale reproduction of a famous house built in the late 1940s. It is based on architectural plans that are publicly available from the United States Library of Congress.

To learn about the house, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farnsworth_House for a starting point.


I initially built this house (from scratch), as a building to house the -Hanaya- main store in April 2013. Due to repeated customer requests, I have decided to make it available for purchase, and have made several small improvements to make the house more habitable as a home.

These improvements are the ability to gain privacy through the use of menu-driven blinds, as well as a sliding security door with access control. I have also included an extra set of steps as a courtesy. And for those of you who do not have shadows enabled on a regular basis, there is a version that includes a ground shadow.


CAUTION! Do not unlink the house or change the name of any of the prims. Doing so will break the scripts.


Please note that the blinds are controlled separately for the inside and the outside, which enables you to have complete privacy from the exterior while still being able to see out.

To pop up the Blinds Menu, simply click on the front window and go from there. The same menu operates the blinds on the door.



The Blinds Menu includes an Access Control System, which is accessed through the same menu as the Blinds by the owner. Simply click the front window, then choose 'Access' on the top level menu. Once in the Access sub-menu, you will see there are 3 levels.

Level 0 - Everyone
Level 1 - Authorized Only (check notecard)
Level 2 - Owner only

The default access is Level 2 (owner only), both when you first rez the house, as well as after a script reset. To set access to anyone, simply click on the 'Level 0' button. To set Level 1 (e.g. you and friends), you need to edit the notecard named :mptUsers. First, make sure you have a back-up copy of the house in your inventory. Then edit the house, choose Edit Linked and select the front window. Then go to the Contents tab of the window and locate the :mptUsers notecard. Double click on it to open, then insert the exact names of the avatars you wish to add to the allow list. Use the Firstname Lastname format. For those without last names, use the username Resident format. Save the notecard without renaming it!


The door slides open at a touch, and has access control.

To change how the door works, use the following commands in chat:

(Substitute the channel number if you have defined something other than 1)
/1lock Lock the door
/1unlock Unlock the door
/1resetkeyholders Reset the key holders back to those listed in the notecard
/1listkeyholders List the names of the current key holders via a whisper
/1addkeyholder <firstname> <lastname> Add a new key holder to the list
/1latch Lock the door open until /unlatch is issued. (Door must first be open for this to work)
/1unlatch If door is latched open, unlatch it. It will close when touched or after the time set by closedelay.

Note: all these commands only respond to the door's owner, and any listed key holders.


If you feel you are an ADVANCED user/builder in SL, you can make additional changes to how the door operates. Before starting to do so, please make sure you have a back-up copy of the house in your inventory.

The 'door setup' notecard is contained inside the 'door' prim. Edit the house, choose Edit Linked, go to the Content tab and open the 'door setup' notecard. Follow the instructions in the notecard, and don't forget to save.


While the actual prims have modify permission (so you can change textures etc), they will appear as no mod in your inventory. This is due to the fact that the scripts are no mod. Before modifying, we suggest you make a backup copy in your inventory. Also, please do not change link order, or rename the names of the individual prims or change the descriptions - doing so will render the scripts unusuable. If that happens, rez out a new version from your inventory - it is copy :-)


Thank you for visiting the -Hanaya- web store.

To keep up-to-date on latest releases please read our blog at http://hanaya.eregion.de/



  • 100% original mesh
  • Texture change window + door glass
  • Super low prim
  • Building elements textured with materials
  • Access control system

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Nice Version of the Farnsworth House

Posted June 13, 2019 by Rufferto 4 stars

OK, I've found at least five versions of the Farnsworth House on the Marketplace, and I have been able to visit three of them (other sellers don't have inworld stores). None of them appears to have reproduced the interior structure of the original Farnsworth House (which included a bathroom and some storage space) - this one leaves it out entirely, making the interior space more useable.

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