-Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts [mesh]

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Thank you for your interest in the -Hanaya- Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts.

The ghosts that are rezzed out by this product use the latest* scripting technology by Linden Lab to navigate your area - Pathfinding.

The ghosts are packaged in a one-prim rezzer, disguised as a patch of fallen leaves. When the leaf patch is clicked to activate, the slightly glowy ghosts will be rezzed in random locations within a 5 meter radius of the rezzer. Then they will freely navigate in a 10 meter radius (314 m² area). The ghosts are temp (usually last about a minute), have psychedelic colour-cycle eyes, and a new one is rezzed out every 45 seconds.

The ghosts will follow ground terrain or 'walkable' prim floors, avoiding non-phantom objects and structures. They will go through anything that is phantom - so if you want the ghosts to go around objects (e.g. trees), you can set that up in the Pathfinding Tools in the Build menu of the official Linden Lab viewer.

Prim floors / ground objects, like pavement or paths, need to be set to 'walkable' in Pathfinding Tools. If you rez the ghosts on top of a prim that is not 'walkable', they will consider that prim as an obstacle and not move.

To change the Pathfinding characteristics of objects (e.g to set something 'walkable') you need to have modify permission or be the owner of it. To finalize the changes in order for the pathfinding function to work, you must have rezzing rights on the parcel in order to regenerate the navigation mesh (navmesh).

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Pathfinding is a new technology that enables scripted objects to navigate around in an area, and avoid all obstacles, without generating the kind of lag that many scripted animals generate.

For pathfinding, each region has a navigation mesh, commonly referred to as a "navmesh". The navmesh is a representation of the region's geometry generated and used by the physics simulator to determine paths for the pathfinding characters, such as the ghosts.

Pathfinding is on by default on all mainland sims. In private estates, it can be switched on/off via the SimConsole, for which Estate Manager rights are needed.

The most concise documentation about all that can be necessary can be found here:

More detail is here:

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*(Sept 2012)

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  • 100% mesh
  • Uses pathfinding on land or 'walkable' prims
  • 1 prim rezzer with temp ghosts
  • Three dimensional - looks great from all angles
  • Most creations are rezzed at our in-world store, come and visit us!

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-Hanaya- Home & Garden
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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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