High Speed With "Active Steering" + "Active Suspension" Version 6.0

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This unique racing roadster has been specially designed and tested for high speeds on SL race tracks and mainland roads!

Speed is controlled by 15 speed transmission (15 forward and three speeds in reverse) so you can travel at whatever speed the roads, race tracks and SL operating conditions allow. Forward speeds range from 15 to 225 in increments of 15. Key "low" or "normal" or "high" in chat to set reverse speed. Private chat messages confirm each change in speed and reverse gear selection.

There is a working tachometer and speedometer on dashboard and also an on-screen HUD speedometer which is easier to glance at when you are racing around high speed corners.

This is only vehicle in SL to feature my automatic algorithms optimized to real-time adjust both steering and suspension performance as you change speeds. This exclusive active steering and suspension feature is why I named this my "Active Racer." No matter what your speed road holding capabilities are optimized to best level SL scripting allows. This becomes everso important as you explore upper reaches vehicle speed. Which at 225 m/s setting is very fast.

When you change gear speeds racer gives you a private owner chat message telling you accurately your (1) gear speed, (2) m/s power, and (3) my coefficient for active steering and (4) my coefficient for active suspension.

Racer is designed for easy and fast keyboard controls. use on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows (page up and down) on your viewer to change gear speeds. You will see a private chat message telling you gear numbers as you change them.

When you sit you see a view behind racer. To select more interesting and useful views key "v1" for a view just behind the racer, "v2" or a view just behind and above driver that is especially useful for anticipating race track curves and "v3" for an amazing dashboard and windshield view of the road ahead. My favorite view for high speeds is v2, but I totally enjoy thrill of v3 was well.

As you sit in racer you will hear engine start and it is ready to go. Just use keyboard direction controls and off you go. Driver animation is my original work (I always make my own animations) and you will see your avatar with head motions to be aware of traffic, reaching with the right hand to shift gears, reaching with left hand to give a sort of "Harley Wave," and generally moving as to enjoy driving.

There is a nicely made animated script for passenger. Passenger looks side to side as though observing scenery and visiting with driver. Indeed, touring in this car and chatting with a friend is a highly enjoyable experience.

You will enjoy over road engine sound. It is a low sports car growl suggesting gear changes and changing speeds. You can also hear wind and tire on the road sounds. This gives you a definite over road feeling you will not get tired of during long road trips. You will hear engine start up sound when you sit and then engine idle sound whenever you are not moving. Over road engine sound is heard whenever moving. When you stand engine sounds and exhaust automatically stop.

Both doors open and close on touch, and you will notice that interior of racer is very nicely detailed, including detailed and authentic dashboard. Dashboard includes a working SL calibrated speedometer and tachometer plus three lighting switches: Headlights, Driving Spotlights, and Parking Lights. You will hear an electronic sound as you touch buttons to control these lights. Be sure to activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to see these lights as they illuminate the road. Key a "b" in chat for the "beep beep" horn or touch the yellow beep button if you are using the color selection HUD.

Front engine hood also opens and closes on touch. Engine compartment includes a nicely detailed authentic looking engine. Rear trunk also opens and closes on touch and includes an actual spare tire.

I made this racer to proper scale as it comes out of box. However, racer includes a touch to resize script. Touch front hood to open and then touch engine inside to access resize dialog blue menu which will appear in upper right on your viewer screen. Should you have an unusual avatar shape that calls for more than resizing be sure to contact me if you need your seating or view position adjusted.

I am a full service vehicle dealer and happy to help everyone and indeed those who race and concentrate on vehicle performance. Let me know any special performance needs you have, I am pretty sure I can help you.

Thanks, stay safe, and best wishes!


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  • 15 speeds from 15 to 225 km/h in 15 km/h increments
  • Unique "active steering" + "active suspension" algorithm for superior handling
  • Beautifully detailed vehicle with 5 colors selected by HUD
  • Analog and digital mph and km/h HUD to keep an eye on speed
  • Keyboard selection of three driver views

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