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Hope Black is the BEST weapons HUD in Second Life. Anyone else who claims to have a better combat tool for pure powerful attacks, utility and user interface is lying to you. With over EIGHT years of experience of making weapons and tools for Second Life, Hope Black is the best weapons HUD ever produced. Feel free to ask for a full features notecard from Xylex Doomdale in world if you don't believe me.

NEW ESCAPE NPV - ESCAPE OTHER HUD FOLLOWERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu9oT7xaXwA

Hope Black has features that can be used anywhere! In addition it has a RLV NPV that will automatically sit you to safety provided you are using a RLV enabled viewer. NPV features auto avoid as well, this function will let you automatically avoid fast-moving bullets, followers, or other projectiles! In addition, you can reflect any followers back onto the owner and make them attack themselves!

Amazing Followers: Hope Black's followers have back-up targeting built in to always look for and find the target if they ever miss when first deployed!

The most powerful attacks: Hope HUD was the original HUD to feature keyframed orbits that break ANY move lock. Funny attacks ranging to powerful attacks to end your opponent with one click! Pushers that can send your target over 1000 meters away in a second.

The best defenses: A npv that has auto-avoid for threats built into it, disruptors for object spam, sim wipe, interceptors, shields, and rlv linked defenses to directly interface with your viewer. A passive move lock that only works when you need it, and as a bonus has anti-orbit code built into it.

Use the particle core to attack people without needing to rez anything!

Use the npv's anti-rez feature to stop anyone from rezzing attacks or things that can harm the sim.

Here is a list of as many functions as the market place will let me fit in the description!

|shield menu start|

auto npv
attack reflect
rlv sit
left, right, up, down, forward, and back offsets to escape traps
npv avoid
end reflect

|interceptors menu start|

intercept objects
intercept avatars
intercept both

|tools menu start|

chat spy
aim block
scan worn
language detection
grav normal
grav low
grav heavy
tp history
wall walk
chat booster
auto cam
hide me
water walker
wall pass
sim cleaner
super jump
threat scan
flight boost
loop undf
no fill


orbit wash
np follow
visual break
sim deformer
sz follower
perm stealer
click drag
link bump
text bomb
mesh bomb
sculpt bomb
pull magnet
pull magnet
fake voice
multi – multi follower with control menu
no fly
push orbit

Contact Core - Contact core will contact the optional on body core attachment included with the HUD to use core functions.

Panic - Activates auto npv and interceptors automatically. Also turns on threat detection.

users - Sets the radar to display usernames.
displays - Sets the radar to display display names.

|rlv helper menu start|

Everything in this menu needs RLV to function, so you must have an rlv enabled viewer like firestorm to use it, along with rlv enabled under the preferences menu.
Everything in this menu begins with the @ symbol. I am not going to include the @ symbol in each menu function as it is implied.

allowidle=y - Allows your avatar to show away status.
allowidle=n - Disallows your avatar to show away status.
showworldmap=n - Disallows your avatar to show the world map.
showworldmap=y - Allows your avatar to show the world map.
unsit=n - Makes it impossible for your avatar to unsit via scripted functions.
unsit=y - Makes it possible for your avatar to be unsat via scripted functions.
denypermission=add - Auto denies all permission requests.
denypermission=rem - Auto accepts all permission requests.
touchall=n - Disallows your avatar to touch in world objects.
touchall=y - Allows your avatar to touch in world objects.
recvchat=y - Allows your avatar to receive local chat.
recvchat=n - Disallows your avatar to receive local chat.
recvim=n - Disallows your avatar to receive instant messages.
recvim=y - Allows your avatar to receive instant messages.

|Land menu start|

clear bans
clear pass
tp home
return objects
play media
pause media

|camera menu|

start camera
release camera
default camera
drivers camera
under camera
overhead camera
side camera
drop camera
spin camera
rear camera

BUT WAIT! There is even more, with the HUD you also get the following bonus goodies:

Full Perm Chat Bot & Scripts
Full Perm Online Status HUD & Scripts
Full Prem Web Browser HUD & Scripts
Full Perm Test Target & Scripts
Full Perm NPV & Scripts
Click to target radar for the HUD that lets you click targets on screen!
Particle Core
Object Finder Radar

Once again, for a full features list feel free to contact Xylex Doomdale in world!



  • Weapons
  • Orbits
  • Tools
  • Followers
  • NPV

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Powerful Incredible Easy to Use - Very Pleased!

Posted September 22, 2020 by Liam Voxel 5 stars

Works anywhere and on anyone. I highly recommend it. Well worth the price; especially since the creator actually updates the HUD!

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Been with Hope since it creation years ago

Posted February 19, 2019 by Demon Apogee 5 stars

ive had hope huds since they were first created.. hope 7 when I got it was still just as easy to use as it predecessors.it has all the same attacks and some new ones which will destroy your enemy

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  • 4.84 stars Reviews (38)

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