Interceptor HUD Evolution III - Superior shields & Protections Version Evolution 3

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★ The best of the personal protection in a defense dedicated and user friendly HUD ! ★

Interceptor HUD is a complete personal protection system meant to be accessible to everyone through a comprehensive user interface. It includes every necessary defensive tools in a very low lag and low scripted HUD, move-lock, NPV & reflect, shields, pull or chat relay, AIM detection and hit reporter... they are all in this HUD !
You can also choose between 2 different interfaces via the HUD settings, the Classic M3 interface (Ultima HUD like style) or the Evolution 3 interface.


► Optional RLV enabled viewer enhancements
◆ NPV auto-sit for super fast protection.

►NPV & Attacks reflection
◆ Non Physical Vehicle (NPV) that grant you a complete protection against almost any kind of attacks.
◆ Reflect attacks on your opponents (your opponents attacks are returned against themselves).
◆ Escape from low tech followers & cages and return them to their owner's lost & found folder.
◆ Out of attacks option that offset your name tag in the ground and your avatar out of attacks.
◆ Customizable NPV moves speed.
◆ RLV auto-sit enabled.
◆ Go to the position of anyone in the sim in 2 clicks.

► Superior shields and avatars/objects interceptors
◆ Avatars interceptors.
◆ Objects interceptors.
◆ Physical disruption shield.
◆ X-Shield (objects & avatars).
◆ M3 Shield (objects & avatars).
◆ Shell (objects & avatars).

► Advanced Move-Lock
◆ Prevent your avatar from being easily moved by scripts or objects.

► Sim wide radar
◆ Shows avatars languages, status & more.
◆ Openable in a separate window.

►Full Invisibility
◆ Hide your avatar and name tag !

► Spy tools & advanced chat relays
◆ Channels listener with customizable range of channels.
◆ Camera chat relay (listen chat from your camera position)*
◆ Follower chat relay, follow a chosen person and relay the chat within 20 meters around*
◆ Static chat relay, relay the chat from a defined position*
*TOS Compliance : do not implement chat relays without prior consent of the listened Resident(s).

► Pull & Pushes
◆ Pull that create an impenetrable magnetic field around you.
◆ Push a selected avatar away from you.

► Undeformer
◆ Restore your shape if you got deformed.

► Useful tools
◆ Offset avatar from tag
◆ Flight assistant (fly without limits)
◆ AIM detection (be advised when someone target you in mouse look)
◆ Hit and collision reporter to know who is attacking you and using what.

► Customizable HUD settings
◆ Choice between 2 layouts, the M3 classic or the Evolution 3 UI
◆ Channels spy listening range
◆ HUD messages
◆ Auto-Disable on teleport option


Updates are free and automatic for this item. Each time you login with or wear your HUD it checks for new versions (daily checking).
If a new version is available you will receive it from our server.


If you have questions, experience delivery issues, or want a demonstration of the product, please contact Taisha Emerald in-world or start a live chat at :

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  • Superior shields and avatars/objects interceptors
  • Advanced Move-Lock
  • Scanner, channels listener, spy tools
  • Offset avatars, anti griefing
  • Non Physical Vehicle, attacks reflection

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Восторг + сарказм, это просто чудесная покупка.

Posted January 05, 2020 by 88Meri 4 stars

Это великолепно, отличная защита, так прекрасно получать удары от Taisha Emerald, Возникла сигнализация которая ○ M3-Shield: таких как пули оружия и физически движущиеся объекты........ Хотела узнать у создателя перешла по ссылке URL профиля который дал мне сообщение ....[19:53] Second Life: Вы заблокировали этого пользователя. Отправка сообщения автоматически разблокирует его...... Это очень весело ...купить щит у врага ....враг береги меня от нападений!!!! хахахаха большая группа людей бегают за мной я теперь думаю что это твои люди Taisha Emerald.

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Great useful and easy to use all in one tool <3

Posted April 14, 2019 by Datloulou2014 5 stars

I tried some defensive tools before, from the very cheaper to pricy ones, and always missed some features, I found this "all in one" HUD and I am very happy with it !
It works as advertised, the move lock isn't the stronger I've tried, but without doubt the smoother and I can live with it enabled without troubles.
Of course you won't be able to use the rezzable shields in no-rez areas, but griefers can't rez too, and there are still a bunch of handly features I like to use.
I really like the invisibility feature which works anywhere no matter the restrictions and the ability to reflect attacks using the NPV, combination of both leave griefers without words hahahaha.
Unlike my other similar HUDs this one is very low scripted which is perfect as I can keep it on everywhere without hitting scripts limitations.
I wish that the future updates will add automatic threat detection features suck as an automatic chat spy detection.
However, I am already really love it, thank you !

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  • 4.47 stars Reviews (15)

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