Ironsight Armaments - MBDA Eryx Version 1.1

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The MBDA Eryx now includes a version equipped with the MCE Combat System

Ironsight Armaments MBDA Eryx
Superior Quality.
Unrivaled Performance.
Unsurpassed Reliability.
Unequaled Value.

Ironsight Armaments
Model - Daffee Vita
Scripting - Tsume Xiao
Sounds - Tsume Xiao
Animations - Corsi Mousehold

This weapon has free updates for life.


Contact Tsume Xiao with any questions.


-Commands are not case sensitive.
-Commands work on channel 1 only.

"shoulder" - Toggles between drawn and slung states

"heat" - Changes to High-Explosive, Anti-Tank missile. 50AT (Default)
-5m Radius. Best for use against armored vehicles.
"ap" - Changes to Armor Piercing missile. 50AT
-Direct Impact Only. For use against armored objects such as barricades, doors, etc

"dumb" - Changes to dumb-fire missile. This missile fires in a straight, unchanging path.
"wire" - Changes to realistic wire-guided missile. This missile can be guided for a short time by your crosshairs. (Default)

"eon" - Turns reload effects on (Default)
"eoff" - Turns reload effects off

"stand" or "st" - Stands up from crouch
"crouch" or "c" - Toggles crouching

"con"- Captures control of C and PageDown keys(Default)
"coff" - Releases control of C and PageDown keys

PageDown or C - toggles between standing and crouching (If Activated)

"reset" - Resets the scripts in the weapon should you need to.

-----MCE Specifications-----
Name: ::ISA:: MBDA Eryx
Class: Launcher - ATGM
Damage: 1000 AP Penetration Level 3
BodyPoint Cost: 3
Reloads: 2

-5 second deploy time
-Requires constant guidance
-Cannot be counter-measured.

---MCE Version Notes---
-Built in Run/Walk AO. Added because many MCE sims do not allow non-weapon AO's.
-Only one type of missile. (Wire-guided AP)
-Does not have the ability to turn off animations
-Works with the standard sling
---Functional Notes---
-The wire-guided missile is NOT tracking and does NOT lock onto targets. Once fired, you can manually control it my keeping your mouselook crosshairs on your target. The missile will aim towards where you are aiming,allowing you to adjust your missile in-flight.

-The missiles HEAT fired from the Ironsight Armaments Eryx have a dual purpose warhead. They both kill infantry and damage tanks that utilize an armored system.

-The Eryx attaches to the right shoulder so it can be attached at the same time as a primary weapon such as a rifle.

-The Eryx can be slung while it is reloading, but this stops the reloading process. This means that when you next draw it, it will automatically reload before you can fire it again.

-This Ironsight Armaments weapon has a built-in animation refresher. This will prevent an animation override you may use from overriding the aiming and holding animations for the weapon. Enjoy.


---Release Notes---
-Total Rescript
-Script Count Reduced
-New Missile Flight System
-New Missile Type (AP)
-Rescripted explosions
-MCE Version Added

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  • High Detail Model. 1:1 Scale
  • Fly-By-Wire Guidance System & Anti-Armor Damage
  • Two Rocket Types. Fly-By-Wire or Unguided
  • Reliable, High Efficiency Performance
  • Custom Sounds & Custom Animations

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Best and most fun rocket launcher in sl !

Posted March 07, 2015 by LindaBaby3000 5 stars

This weapon is the most versatile and fun rocket launcher in sl, bar none! And I have fought with just about all of them.

Great for anti-personel, anti-tank, and also scripted items, like doors, armored shieds, etc. If you're good, you can even hit low-flying helicopters :P

Explosion radius is 5 meters, meeting the requirements for slmc combat. AT warhead delivers 50 hp, which is just right to meet most armies rules.

The creator and his company are responsive to comments and very helpful.

Get it!

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Posted May 06, 2014 by richardsinclair3666 5 stars

Well the anti tank weapons have changed since I fired the cargustoffe anti tank weapon in the 1970s.. This weapon does exactly what it says on the tine and the explosion is goooooooooooooooood... Great weapon, no problems at all, Ao is great as the sound effect................. Can not fault it.. Well done guys for your hard efforts

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