J-20 Stealth Bomber Jet (tiny) PROMO Version 2.0

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Mesh J-20 Stealth Bomber Jet *Tiny version*
- 25LI and only 0.3 Physics Cost! Sim crossings are now smooth as butter.

RELEASE DATE: 10/28/16

Many features, including:
-Guest/Group Mode
-Working fuel system compatible w/ terra or chat cmmds
-Working gears/brakes
-Strobe/Nav lights
-Switch from Touring Mode to Stunt Mode or configure your own roll/pitch/vert/throttle in Custom Mode
-Hud shows pitch & alt above land/sea
-Ground Proximity Unit detects height of objects beneath you
-Built in Air Traffic Controller Chat Box

3 Flight Modes
* Touring - Easy, slow, good for novice pilots.
Note - *The wings will not roll past a 90% angle in this mode and makes for a very nice flight simulation.

* Stunts - Maneuverable, fast speed. Good for intermediate and advanced pilots.

* Custom - User-defined handling. Good for expert pilots.

Select "Custom" to adjust these flight characteristics:
* Pitch and Roll: Sensitivity of pitch and roll controls.
* Thrust: Multiplies thrust. Higher is faster.
* Vert: Controls the "vertical attraction timescale".

START and STOP or "S" to toggle between the 2
Start and stop the engine.

BRAKE or "b" for short to toggle between on/off
Engages or disengages brakes.

Toggles fuel system on or off

Refuels aircraft. This can be done with the included Terra Fuel Pump rezzed out for added realism, or without. That is up to you.
Note - *Fuel is depleted faster in Stunt mode. Plane can be refueled in mid flight or while landed, with Engines turned On.

STROBE toggles the Strobe/Nav lights On/Off
Note - *Strobe lights turn on automatically when Engine is started.*

SMOKE toggles smoke trail on or off.
Note - *Used for acrobatic flying.

CAM <number> or C1-C7 for short
Choose a camera angle. Values are 0 to 7. Example: say CAM 5 for a top-down view. Say CAM 0 for a fixed-point camera.
Note - *C4 and C7 are my preferences for flight and you may also drag 2 fingers on your trackpad or roll back your trackwheel on your mouse to zoom the view back to see the full plane in screen. C6 works best for take off and landgings

Eject from your aircraft. Aircraft will self-delete after several seconds.
Note - *This is fun to do with a parachute and wingsuit on. I recommend Cubey Terra's Starburst which you can find on marketplace

LOCK <mode>
Choose you can fly your aircraft, where "mode" is ANYONE, GROUP, or OWNER. Example: say LOCK GROUP to allow only group members to fly your plane or lock anyone to put the plane in Guest Mode where anyone can fly it.

Open the popup options menu.

Toggle ATC pre-recorded dialogue on/off

Turns on/off hovertext

Turns on/off throttle levels narration in local chat

Turns on/off Ground Proximity Warning System



This plane is 100% Mesh and is based off of the J-20 Stealth Bomber Jet, the 2nd mass produced plane in the world outside of the US to be able to avoid radar detection. It is anticipated to be finished testing in 2017. Prototype models have been seen and video is available on youtube as well as photos on google images. Scheduled to be in an airshow Nov. 1st.

See in-world @ my Hangars @ CinSal, Pirate/Unity, Cheerport and Squires Gate

See item in Second Life ®



  • Mesh
  • Guest mode
  • Working brakes/gears/canopy
  • Modify/copy perms
  • Touring/stunt/custom modes

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