~JJ~ SZYM Paladin 7 Custom Liveries (MP version)

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~Jeanette's Joint~ Custom Liveries for the SZYM Paladin 7



MP version Deposit (non-refundable) ~ Base Price (L$ 250)
(will be applied as credit toward the final price)
If the job is canceled before work is done 75% of the
deposit will be refunded. If canceled after work is started
then no refund will be issued.

Please note that the in-world version of this livery order requires a deposit only after the order form is submitted and is 25% of the total estimated price of the order.

Base Price (per texture pair for cab and bed) ~ L$ 250
- Includes base coat of any color you provide

Each Additional Option Texture ~ L$ 20
- Includes one texture for Front Sun Screen and Tailgate Fin

Gradient (2 or 3 colors) ~ L$ 125 per texture pair
- You provide the colors
- Gradient is front-to-back or top-to-bottom
- This overrides the base coat color but is priced separately

Racing Stripes (per texture pair) ~ L$ 15
- You provide the color(s)
- Outer stripes and inner stripes can be the same color
- Outer stripes or inner stripes can be omitted

Separate Lower Body Stripe Color(s) (per texture pair) ~ L$ 15
- You provide the color(s)
- Upper stripe and lower stripe can be the same color
- Upper stripe or lower stripe can be omitted

Prepared Decals (price per decal) ~ L$ 10
Your Decals* ~ L$ 50
Custom Decals** ~ L$ ??? (price subject to order requirements)
- Hood
- Driver's Door
- Driver's Side Rear Door
- Passenger's Door
- Passenger's Side Rear Door
- Cab Roof
- Tailgate
- Bed Liner
- Bed Cover

Added Features (per texture pair):
- Mud ~ L$ 30
- Key Scratches ~ L$ 10
- Bird Droppings ~ L$ 25 (removal of any number of spots + L$ 25)
- Bullet Holes ~ L$ 25 (removal of any number of holes + L$ 25)
- Duct Tape ~ L$ 25 (removal of any number of patches of tape + L$25)
- Wear and Tear ~ L$ 35 (full body only)
- Rust ~ L$ 20 (full body only)
- Racing Numbers (1-2 digits max - you pick inner and outer colors - each) ~ L$ 15
- Hood
- Driver's Side Door
- Passenger's Side Door
- Tailgate

Flames (per texture pair - you pick the color(s)) ~ L$ 75
- Gradients available at the normal price
- You pick any number of flames from the available zones

First Proof and Final Edit ~ L$ included in base price
Each Additional Proof ~ L$50

Exclusivity is available for L$ 200 + L$ 50 per individual texture.

Please see the in-world demonstration liveries for a preview of what any of the options listed here look like on the Paladin 7. A Holo Rezzer with the demonstration models on display can be found at:


Proofs may be delivered as screen shots or live demos, not as livery textures or appliers.

Final liveries will be shipped via applier with any additional (optional) textures shipped directly with copy (no modify/no transfer) permissions.

Only parts that can be accessed by the applier are eligible for inclusion or customization. Those do not include any third-party parts or stock options that are not affected by the applier (such as rain shields, front grille, lights, mirrors, etc.).

Turnaround time is expected to be approximately one week or less per proof and is subject to change at any time.

* Price is per decal - you provide the texture with alpha - price includes scaling and positioning only - additional customization or touch-ups are possible and may be subject to price negotiation (expect this to not be cheap)

** price is per decal - will depend on the specific request - may be declined for any one of several possible reasons - see the list of available ones these can be applied to

Please Note: I will *not* apply any graphics that infringe on any intellectual property or may violate the Second Life Terms of Service. If there is any uncertainty regarding any particular element I will err on the side of safety and decline to include it in the custom livery. For any graphics or textures supplied by the client an Intellectual Property Ownership Attestation form must be submitted to Jeanette Doobie before it can be incorporated into any liveries.

See item in Second Life ®



  • This is your order form and deposit order - your livery is delivered after proof
  • Customize your own Paladin 7 livery
  • Choose from a list of decals, effects and options
  • Pick your colors or gradients
  • Turnaround in about a week or less per proof

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~Jeanette's Joint~
~Jeanette's Joint~
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