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This %100 mesh, paint-able 1930's model JU-52/3m Airliner has an advanced physics flight engine and performs like a real aircraft. Painstaking efforts were put into the creation of this plane to make it not only realistic, but fun to fly and reliable. This airliner comes complete with the following features:

• Easy to use paint and color system.
• Fully modifiable, some scripts in the plane are full perm. Many options can be changed using menus.
• Remote flying ability via HUD. Fly it from any seat or even standing on the ground.
• Includes 4 liveries that can be easily changed by chat-command (Lufthansa, Woodland Camo, German Officer / Immelmann II and Art Deco)
• Realistic flight physics and stalling.
• Working and usable dashboard instruments, switches and levers. Fly the plane in mouselook entirely or in third person.
• Seats 15 (pilot + 14 passengers).
• Detailed, shadowed interior with script-controlled bed.
• Celestial dome seat in the rear for a unique flying experience.
• Working flaps, elevators, ailerons, rudder, landing gear, doors lights, animated wheels and much more.
• Thoroughly tested for reliability, bugs, and usability.
• Scripted to handle region crossings well, even with passengers aboard.
• Dual-control cockpit controls: Share controls with your copilot if you choose and fly at the same time (not either-or).
• Guest, Group and Owner only pilot modes. Put your JU-52 on a rezzer if you wish for your airport guests or let a friend fly solo.
• "Boarding Mode" option completely locks the cockpit seats so passengers will take a rear seat by default when boarding the aircraft.
• Lock-able co-pilot seat.
• Optional fuel system with realistic fuel consumption.
• Advanced HUD can control plane from any seat or the ground using your mouse only. HUD includes optional instruments tied to the plane, not your avatar.
• HUD Tracks your landing scores (with averages), flight times and total hours flown.
• Intuitive chat-commands. The plane understands a command-set from a variety of manufacturers, not just CheerMaster commands.
• Dynamic braking on ground, air-braking in air.

CheerMaster is proud to present this plane to you and we have spent tedious hours making sure it's a reliable product that handles region crossings well. This plane runs on one 0.5 second timer which helps it to cross regions without "crashing" and makes the plane low-lag compared to other planes running on timers with 20 to 100 times that frequency rate (or more), and many with multiple timers even . Special attention was paid to keeping it a one, low-frequency timer plane so that it does not have issues with region crossings that many other planes can have.

If you hate how your camera messes up on region crossings or from passengers falling out or standing then this plane won't further infuriate you. The CheerMaster JU-52 was made to gracefully handle issues and errors caused by slow passenger connections and bad region crossings. Why ignore errors and situations you know are going to arise? We didn't, we want the plane to handle any adverse situations as gracefully as possible.

This plane banks and stalls similar to planes you may have flown in Grand Theft Auto or other games and was modeled to simulate games with this high-level of physics response. While this is a rather large aircraft you'll find it is fun to perform simple stunts while flying.

This plane has a detailed cockpit with functional instruments, lights, levers and switches that are easily seen in mouselook.You can completely control the plane in mouselook from takeoff to landing and without using the HUD if you wish, though it is hard to see over the dash in any tail-dragger when on the ground including this one.

Customize it! In addition to an easy-to-use paint and color system, this plane is modifiable and the plane can be controlled by script or Navigation HUD if interfaced. Detailed instructions on how to use the plane's program interface are included with the aircraft and you are encouraged to make this plane your own! Most of the scripts in this plane are full-perm (not the main flight engine) and can be tailored to your preferences or used as examples to create your own aircraft.

You will get free updates on this vehicle for life, including the military version with VICE and rear gunner, and a civilian and military version with floats when released.

Special Thanks To:
Aleksander String - Door Modeling, Testing, Design, Artwork, Consulting
Debi Dastardly - Consulting, Testing, Navigation Lights
Crim Mip - Testing, Consulting
Rich Reynaud - Testing, Consulting
Bobbie Hillburton - Testing

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well, can be better

Posted October 03, 2019 by Zhoy34 2 stars

I found many problems to take off, I managed to fly there a few times, even executing the instructions to the letter but I think there is a problem of acceleration or vertical spiant. however, something that "slows down" the moment of detachment. It's impossible to look for a runway over 2 sims, it's an old-fashioned plane, not a Boeing 747 or a Concord. Nice of course...but...not completely perfect in my opinion. (pilot in SL by 6 years)

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the charm of this aircraft is phenomenal

Posted June 28, 2019 by Gluka Kappler 5 stars

No cross sim problem for me, I also recorded a phenomenal score on landing, I build aircraft I know what I'm talking about, then Christi gives a fantastic support

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