KTC Crazy Discount Version 1.50

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KTC Crazy Discount allows you to sale one of your items at the discounted price of your choice. It is a joint purchases concept. To get the discounted price, there must be a minimum number of participants. Once the normal price, discounted price and the goal set, participants can click to register. When the goal is reached, participants are notified by private message and they can buy the discounted item.

There is no time limit for participants. However, the owner can change the goal at any time in order to be reached sooner or later. The owner may also to end the offer whenever.

You can filter registrations for a specific group or by requiring that your place is in picks of participants profile. The two options can be combined.

Finally, the owner may also participate in order to test the configuration.

- Configuration by menu (no notecard)
- Discounted price, participants number and goal displayed on the panel
- Item for sale displayed on the panel (the texture is placed inside the panel)
- Programmable discounted price from 1 to L$999 with displaying of the matching value in percentage
- Programmable goal from 1 to 999 participants
- Goal changed at any time
- Reached goal information sent to participants by private message
- Ability to manually resend the goal reached message to the participants
- Displaying of the sold items number and total in L$
- Ability for the owner to participate (test mode)
- Ability to choose notifications for the owner: Goal reached, new entered, purchases and if the owner is online or not
- Permissions checking for the item to sale
- Ability to limit registrations to a group members
- Ability to limit registrations by requiring your place in profile picks
- Ability to send a notecard when registration (permissions checked)
- Ability to start and stop the system at any time
- Confidential messages (displayed only to the user)
- Initial size: 2 x 3.5 x 0.125 meters (modify)
- Customizable texture panel (original textures provided)
- Messages to participants in English or French following the viewer language
- Menus and messages in English for the owner
- Detailed user manual in English and French
- Free and unlimited updates

- 3 prims (mesh)
- Modify (except scripts)
- Copy
- No transfer
- 4 scripts

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
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  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 3
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh