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New in version 1.1: Enhanced and optimized flight suite for effortless control and long-range cruising.

A finely detailed, fully functioning mesh model of the Russian Ka-52 scout/attack helicopter. Operable by a single pilot, or crew operation with pilot and gunner. State of the art, 100% original modeling optimized for the Second Life system with advanced scripting, using only 633 kB of region resources - meaning smooth border crossings and no crushing lag.

Four menu selectable paint schemes: Black, Maritime Grey, Taiga Woodland, and Three-color Desert.

Aircraft Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) to help you stay in the air when things get exciting.

HUD based functioning flight path vector display and weapons reticle.

Bring the pain: A dozen 9K121 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, R-73 Vympel air-to-air missiles, S-8 rockets and a 2A42 30mm chain gun with dual feed and selectable firing rate.

Realistic two-stage, dual turbine and rotor simulation allowing real-world maneuvers such as autorotations and spins, and damage to individual turbine and rotor systems.

Physics-based flight model with ground effect, wind, turbulence and visual dust and water effects.

Refueling, rearming and repair in the field, OCS and LLCS Damage Compatible.

Brochure available online here: http://goo.gl/wh14T

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  • Original mesh model designed for SL
  • Low memory use, low script time, no lag

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Its good, its bad, its pricey

Posted November 29, 2016 by DJAlanRocks 4 stars

I debated getting this heli for a long time because of its price. I did get one tho and heres the lowdown:

1, Sim crossings are a bear. I have flown around the Blake and the North sea and been frustrated. You get a decent amount of airspeed and at the crossing its nearly stops moving. In the North sea I have crashed SL a few times trying to cross sims. I tried to fly around the Blake with a friend and he kept falling out or crashing. So, theres that. The inability to fly at high speed for any distance is a major flaw IMHO

2. I talked to a guy who owns the Omega helicopters and he says his preferred ride is the Hind. Noone was more surprised than me.

3. You can only fight with this heli in the Omega combat sim, so if you get bounced over the Blake by a madman in a BF109 (like i did) all you can do is give him the finger, its no use running because the sim crossing sucks all your airspeed away.

4. The controls are pretty touchy, give it a little collective and it jumps in the air. Nose down too far and it dives into the ground. At a little over 10 degrees nose down it will settle into a cruise but for the most part the nose wants to be level. This seems to me like a detriment in a combat sim, the inability to pop up slightly over the trees and then back down seems like you would be an easy target.

5. The HUD readouts look like old school analog gauges and it's hard to tell with much precision what your airspeed and altitude are.

6. its very expensive

7. So while i listed the flaws of this helicopter it has a few things going for it-
It looks TOTALLY BADASSED with all those missiles hanging off of it. You can find other twin rotor designs but not a KA-52 Alligator, so in some respects it is unique among helicopters in SL. You dont see these everday and that is really why I got it. Unique and badassed go a long way with me

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Not bad, but HEAVILY overpiced for the features offered.

Posted November 20, 2016 by Anri 3 stars

Generally the helicopter is fine, however HEAVILY overpriced, for 5000L$ you do feel a bit scammed as it doesn't really offer anything special, I have to say that after buying it my only desire was to get my money back as I could get MORE features and a kamov helicopter supporting FLIPS for around 3000L$ MAX, with a LOT more features I would say, however instead I tried to enjoy it for what it is, unfortunately the horribly scripted stall feature which literally kicks you down with extreme speeds into the ground is not only limiting and annoying but just plain unrealistic, Kamov helicopters are know for performing flips but offcourse instead they just slapped that horrible "stall" feature and called it ''realism', for 5000L$ I also expected well polished effects but nothing of the sort was offered, the effects are quite plain by SL standards.
In reality its not worth 5000L$ by any stretch of imagination, infact now I will have to spend 3000L$ in addition to get a actually decent and fun helicopter, I would only give this product 1500L$ MAX - no more. I perfectly understand brands and how much some people value their time but due the product being overpriced I am only giving it 3 stars.
Not to mention the fact that there is no GUEST mode which is a traditional features in mostly any vehicle - I assume the seller wants to raise sales that way, but it really ruins it when you can't share the experience with a buddy, the horribly loud beeping sounds which you can't lower, when you're flying a helicopter the main thing you want to hear is the engine, instead in this helicopter the engine is rather quite while the beeping sound effects are high, the manual on the website has a flaw, I have it bookmarked but every-time I open it - it takes me to another page of the website as if someone is trying to push a another product upon me.
To me you guys have a LOOOOT of work to do to earn these 5000L$ in this product, I'm saying this as a content creator in SL.

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