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KinEx - Texture Organizer V2

So this is V2? does that mean new features??

New Features and more new Features!
In fact, i've nearly doubled the features of the previous version, even adding scripts that allow you to use textures in the organizer without taking the texture to inventory!

Then there's the networking, which allows you to have 2, or 200 organizers rezzed, and all of them can transfer between each other just as if you were performing the transfer on one organizer!

Also, the organizer now supports NO-MOD Textures and Sculpts. No longer will you have to curse at creators (or me!) for not releasing No-Mod textures!

Oh, and have i mentioned Expandable Categories yet? no.. i don't think i did.. WELL! Let me tell you.. One of the pains with the old/other organizers, is the limited number of Categories!. So i've gone ahead and solved this little problem, with Auto-Expanding categories, all the way to 168 possible categories! And if that's not enought to hold your mother of all texture collections. Just rezz another organizer, They're networked! So why not have a dozen 168 category organizers! (overkill, i know right? Better to have the option though!)

Do you work in a group building environment, and find yourself needing to transfer textures/sculpts to your partner? Well now, i've enhanced the old Category Package with a script!, simply create the Category Package, give it to your partner, and they'll be able to simply Click the package and transfer its contents straight into one of their categories! No transfers to inventory, no mess.

Ok, nice start... Now tell us the full feature list!

Ok, ok.. so here's the full list:

* Sculpted and Texture categories, which are Saved per category
* 12 Categories, by default, expandable to 168
* 25 Displays, plus the big one!
* Move and Copy between categories, the next point expands on this!
* Move or Copy Multiple textures/sculpts at the same time!
* Bulk Move and Copy Selection modes, which select all 25 textures on display by default
* MONO Compiled! - Extremely fast system
* Works with NO MOD Textures/Sculptmaps!
* Texture Animations - Slide / Spin / Zoom (because they're fun to watch!)
* Fast Rez Prim, Which is created by you!
* Detail Readouts, Quickly see the permissions and creator info!
* UUID Auto-Readouts, An owner Only function that allows you to quickly pull up UUIDs
* Works perfect as a HUD, It just goes Fwoosh to HUD scale!
* Automatically scales when attached as a HUD, and if you rezz it, it Fwooshes back!
* Tiled Preview option, with Many tiling options
* Twelve Tiling options (1x1 to 3x3 and everything between, then 5x5, 10x10, and 50x50!)
* Change the background color to contrast alphas!
* Creates transfer packs, to give your categories easily to partners!
* Change Sculpt Stitching, Which is saved per category!
* Duplicate detection - Extremely fast dupe detection by UUID
* Customizable - Change your category textures without breaking the system, then easily recover them if need be.
* Easily set floating text for categories
* Filename and Number Display - Easily disable and enable filename+number floating text bar
* Search Function, now searches until it runs out of things to find!
* Easily Selectable UV Maps - Very simple to apply a UV Map to your sculpties!
* Easily deletion of textures and categories!
* Permission controls - Owner, Group, Userlist and Anyone!
* Also a new Permission called "Retrieval" which allows public users to browse, but not take or change anything.
* And of course, a lifetime of free automatic updates!

Unlike other organizers with the Click and Hold method, to get your menus with the K-TO, simply double click. Although all the common use parts of the system are not menu based, eliminating any slow downs. This system is designed for fast easy browsing, while still boasting all the features you'd expect from a top-level organizer.

With the permission system, you're able to set access up for the active group, the userlist (which is stored in a notecard), Public Access, and then retrieval. When Public mode is enabled and Retrieval is disabled, public users can only view textures or sculpties, not take them. They are also unable to make any changes to the organizer. In order to protect you from a drive-by deletion, the system only allows group and userlist members to delete single textures, and only the owner can delete an entire category.
(keeping in mind, if it's set to owner only.. the group and userlist can't even use the system, let alone delete anything)

To use as a HUD, simply wear the organizer, and it will scale itself down automatically to fit. When rezzed in the world, it will scale back up accordingly. Making it extremely handy when you're working with a restricted number of prims!

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  • Helps you better organize your textures with expandable categories!
  • Networked capabilities, so you'll never be restricted by categories or displays
  • One organizer for both your sculpt maps AND your textures!
  • Works rezzed and as a HUD! Take it anywhere!
  • Advanced permission system to easily setup an organizer for Group builds!

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LOVE it!

Posted May 16, 2020 by miranda Sapphire 5 stars

I bought my first one on March 07, 2015 and then I bought another one for one of my alts then another one for yet another alt. It's my favorite organizer. It's fast and convenient and I like that you don't have to rez it to use it.
ONE of my favorite features is the dupe check. it makes it so much easier and so much nicer getting rid of duplicate textures.

One thing I would like to see if there is ever a future upgrade is a expansion remover. Meaning, if you expanded too many bars, you can take them away with a click.
I like to set up organizers and expand them before working on them because I have thousands of textures.
I would also like to see them upgraded to mesh so they aren't so prim heavy. (if possible)

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Love it!

Posted May 02, 2019 by Ingwaz Thor 5 stars

Well worth the lindens. Love all the categories. Loads much more quickly than my old (free) one!

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