Kool Auto-rezzer & Scene rezzer Version 2.10 (Marsh 2020)

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2in1 product: Auto-rezzer and scene rezzer. Rez your objects where and when you want !

▶ What is the difference from other scene rezzers ?

• Easy configuration through the new inworld CONFIGURATOR: all settings are done like on a smartphone.
• NO NOTECARD ! 1 click and all your objects positions are stored, no need of tedious copy&paste in notecards if you change an object position. No risk of mistake.
• Fast and nice rez: objects are rezzed directly in their final postion, no ugly moves and rotations.
• Use fixe sim positions (i.e. builds, landscape) or local positions (i.e. indoor furnitures).
• Ready for auto-update when a new version will be available (from v2.0).

▶ Choose between 3 AUTO-REZ triggers:

• Objects rez when an avatar is around (owner/group/all), and derez automatically when everyone left (adjustable scan rate and range).
• Objects rez at a defined time of the day, derez after a timer (i.e. rez your club at night time till dawn).
• Objects rez while owner is online, derez when offline. Or vice versa. (i.e. online indicator)
By placing a rezzer in different rooms or parts of your sim that are not used at same time, you can save prims and script time on your sim. This is great for skybox, rental, club, RP sim, etc.

▶ Or use the HUD or wall pannel to rez SCENES (remote command).

• Rez your scenes at will by one click on the HUD or wall panel (mesh). Derez happens after a time limit or an other click.
• Optionally, other rezzers will derez before the new one rez. Rezzers can be grouped in SELF EXCLUSIVE SCENES. This is ideal to switch furnitures in your room, or to switch skybox ambiance.
The HUD is for your screen only (no transfer). Wall panels can be clicked by other avatars, depending of the access restriction you set on each rezzer (owner/group/all). They work in same sim.
• To identify each scene on a panel, drop a snapshot of the scene inside the corresponding rezzer, it will show on all associated panels.

▶▶▶ IMPORTANT: It works ONLY for your objects which have COPY and MODIFIY permissions, as you need to drop a script inside each object. This is a SL constraint which applies to all rezzer systems.

• A rezzer can contain up to 36 objects (each objects can be made of many linked prims). All objects rez together to consitute the scene. You can place many rezzers side by side for more objects.
• The system works sim wide and for the same owner. Objects positions can be detected in whole sim (previous version v1.4 was limited to 100m).
• You can place multiple copies of the same object at different positions, and drop it only once in the rezzer Content. For instance a serie of chairs around a table.
• The box includes a working demo.
• This is NOT a temp-rezzer which would rezz temporary objects every minute and induce lag.
• This version is not transferable, it cannot be used to pack builds for resell. Please check again as a Builder version may come in future.
The Demo rezzer is still v1.4 and doesn't show yet the new functionalities of v2.
If you have derezz issues with v2.0 please update with this v2.10.

Please contact Kool Mekanic for any questions or suggestions ;)
Join "Kool door Users" group to get help from other users.
Check Kool Mekanic profile for shops in world.

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Love This

Posted September 06, 2019 by mlclarkewi 5 stars

I bought this a while back and have since redone 90% of my house....and because of it expanded it like mad. I did run into a couple small quirks that I noticed but after Kool Mekanic took the time to talk to me and give a couple recommendations its been nothing but smooth sailing.

Sometimes its not fun waiting for rezzed furniture to finish loading before using it but the LI savings is well worth the wait (and can always leave something out of the rezzer for a room as well so there is something to sit on while it does).

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percent very good

Posted September 01, 2019 by victorhugo Broono 5 stars

pleased by one hundred percent very good product important read the note card

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