Kool Bell B - Ring all sim + joined sim(s) with 1 bell, no repeaters needed ! Version 2.02 (January 2014)

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Kool Sim Bell is an alarm / trade / warning bell which covers all sim without repeaters.
REZ ONLY ONE BELL and your custom message will be heard in selected range, be it a parcel, sim quarters, whole sim or even neighbour sims !
You can of course rez many bells at different entrance points, each bell is independent.
This bell has the post B design. We have another bell with a different post A design. Same functionalities. Please check related items.

MENU OPTIONS - CLICK AND DRAG THE MOUSE OFF THE PRIM to get the menu (like on a Kool door), for owner only.

▪ This whole SIM (256x256 m). No height limit, works for skybox.
▪ This sim plus 1 to 8 JOINED SIMS. The ring (message and sound) can cross to next neighbour sim ! By menu you set if ring must cross to North, East, South West, NE, NW, SW and/or SE sims. That's all, no need of repeaters or complex pairing. Sims must be directly jointed, or in diagonal if there is a neighbour at both sides. You must be able to walk or move objects into this next sim.
▪ SAME PARCEL, ideal for rental.
▪ SIM QUARTERS (128x128 m). They can be combined, for instance to ring only in North half of the sim, select NE + NW quarters. The bell doesn't need to be in a selected quarter (i.e. If the sim has 4 camps in each sim corners, you can place 4 bells on the common landing docks, each bell will ring the camp of the selected quarter).

● ACCESS CONTROL on a Kool SERVER (optional):
If you want to restrict who can ring the bell, you can connect it to a Kool Server (the same server used by Kool doors, not included). Only those on the server access list and groups will be able to ring. Ideal for a raid/warning bell.

● 1, 2 or 3 custom messages:
You can edit up to 3 messages available to visitors. Visitors will see and click the message of their choice. Examples:
VISIT: A visitor rings the bell at the gate !
TRADE: We are willing to trade !

● Visitor FREE MESSAGE (optional):
You can allow visitors to type their own message, instead of using one of the custom messages. Ideal for roleplay.

● OVER TEXT (optional):
You can define a floating text to display over the bell. Ex: "Ring for trade".

● By menu, you can switch the TEXTURES of the wood post, bell or rope.



▪ There is a forced delay before the bell can be rung again. 30 seconds before 2nd ring, then 60 seconds. If bell is connected to a server, the delay is halved, 15/30 sec, as only people of your groups can ring.
▪ The clicker must be at 4 meters maximum from the bell.
▪ The clicker name is shown before the message. Example: "[12:34] Kool Sim bell: ▶ Kool Mekanic
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪
VISIT: A visitor rings the bell at the gate !
♫ ◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ ♪"

● The bell shows a short particle effect (sound wave) when it rings, adding a visual hint.

● You can sit on the bell ! It has a watchman sit animation for the fun (right click and select "Sit").



• You can rename the bell object as you wish as this name shows in the warning message. Example: "Main gate bell", "Docks bell", "Trade bell", "Tower alarm bell", etc.
• The box includes two versions: a post for ground, a wall mount to stick on a wall or pillar.
• The bell is detachable (unlink) from the wood post. You can place the bell alone under a beam or any other structure.
• The bell and post are full mesh, they count for only 1 LI on your prim allowance when linked together.
• You can change the sound by dropping your own sound into the bell content. We recommend a sound having a duration of less than 2 seconds.
• Once you have configured a bell, you can copy or take it in inventory to rez it elsewhere: Configuration stays.
• Prim mod. Script no mod.


BUY IN WORLD or GET REDELIVER/UPDATE at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gimli/155/203/31
Join "Kool door Users" group: secondlife:///app/group/fef6b66e-f7de-e844-9bc1-2dc0010601f0/about to get help
IM Kool Mekanic if you have any question ;)

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