Larsson Cobra Roadster Sports Car for Roaming and Racing Version 2.4

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Through history, Cobra reptiles symbolize elegance and quickness and speed. To live up to such ideal imagery the Larsson Cobra offers you settings for 32 stunning color choices, 3 settings for steering responsiveness, and 12 speed gears. An extensive list of additional features includes cruise control, mph speedometer, working doors, hood, trunk, working sun visors, selection of 5 driver views, select street or track tires, and more.

Indeed, this is a high performance car worthy of the Cobra name. It uses my own original scripting throughout the car. I never use scripts from other sources including those widely used vehicle scripts that many others use. No other SL vehicles have my exacting scripts for ideal vehicle operation, door action, color control, license plate changing, etc.

Version 2.4 released on April 7, 2024 with updated vehicle handling coefficients.

Road speed is controlled 12 forward gears and one speed in reverse. Forward speeds range from 5 to 70 so you can select speeds for mainland roads and high performance race tracks. Contact me if you need even higher top speed for racing, I will happily adjust your car for your racing specifications.

Key to driving success in SL is that your steering responsiveness adjusts along with your speed selection. This car allows you to select from three handling settings: city, road, and track.

Driver view is also important and you can select from five different camera viewpoints.

As you sit in the roadster you will hear the engine start and it is ready to go. You can 'stop' or 'start' in case you want to stop to visit with someone along the road. Enjoy the engine sounds for start up, idle, on the road, and reverse.

The driver and passenger looped animations are my original work and I made both specially to fit exactly this car. Just like the RL Cobras, there is not much foot room and so only original animations like mine will work for this car. Notice how your feet match up nicely with the accelerator, clutch and brake pedals. Driver can also inspect the engine when using the 'Check Engine' looped animation on the driver's animation choices. Use avSitter menu if you need to adjust for shape of your avatar.

Both doors open and close on touch, as do the front hood and rear trunk. There is a detailed engine in front and a spare tire in back.

The dashboard includes separate buttons for headlights, driving spotlights, and parking lights. You will hear an electronic sound as you touch the buttons to control these lights. Be sure to activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to see these lights as they illuminate the road.

Also on the dashboard is a hover text showing your miles per hour at every moment. You can easily show or hide this hovertext as desired. For yet more awesome, the speedometer and tachometer dials rotate appropriately with your speed (kinda hard to see when driving, but adjust your camera reset preferences to check this out).

You can select from 32 different vehicle colorizations and can also separately control the colorization of the front brake vents to match the vehicle paint, or show black or chrome. There are 25 options that include Cobra colors with either black or white stripes. There are 7 more options featuring original Cobra body colors with no stripes. My favorite colors are mint and one I call "wiki."

You can also select 'street' for white sidewalls tires or 'track' for black sidewall tires. All tires change including the spare tire located in the trunk.

Hide or show license plate by touching plate. You can use included template to make your own plate and drop it into the holder. If you are not into making plate textures just message me and I will do it for you (full service).

Oh and yes there is cruise control.

I made this roadster to proper scale as it comes out of the box. It fits normally sized avatars nicely. If you have opted for a larger scale avatar then use my rescale function to adjust the scale as you wish. Touch front hood to open and then touch the engine inside to access the on-screen blue menu for rescaling.

This is an all mesh car with a land weight of 42 if you want to park it for a while.

I greatly enjoy working on this vehicle and using it on mainland roads and race tracks. I wore my classic Larsson Cobra cap while creating this car. There is one in the box for you, touch to resize if needed.

Thanks, stay safe, and best wishes!


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  • Select 8 steering responses and 12 speeds
  • Select 32 body colors, 3 vent colors, and 2 tire styles
  • Select 5 driver views
  • Adjust seats with avSitter and also rescale menu for car
  • Touch control doors, hood, trunk and lights

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