Larsson Generic Race Car Roadster Great Looking & Driving Version 6.0

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This unique touring adventure vehicle has been specially designed to travel on SL mainland roads. It is intended for use as an enjoyable and dependable way for two people to explore mainland roads.

Importantly for purchasers, this vehicle uses my own original vehicle scripting uniquely written by me. No other SL vehicles offer it.

The over the road speed is controlled by a ten speed transmission (10 forward gears or speeds and one speed in reverse) so you can choose to travel at a reasonable speed without going so quickly that you go off the road easily or begin flying as you go over hills or rough terrain.

This roadster is super easy to drive. Use the keyboard page up and down or the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer to change the gear speeds. You will see a chat message telling you the gear numbers as you change them.

Drive with your viewer motion control arrows or the arrows on your keyboard.

When you sit you will hear the engine start up sound followed by idle engine sound and exhaust will appear. When you move forward or reverse you will hear a classic and very enjoyable mellow roadster over the road engine sound. The sounds and exhaust end automatically when the driver stands.

The steering has been adjusted so as to avoid quirky over sensitivity. This allows for a more normal highway driving feel, yet the turning radius is sharp so you can get out of small spaces more easily.

The car will carry a driver and one passenger. The driver animation has moving hands on steering wheel with reaching for the gear shift, as the driver looks to the road and side to side. The passenger seat is animated so your rider looks side to side as though observing the scenery and visiting with the driver. Indeed, touring in this car and chatting with a friend is a highly enjoyable experience as you can see in the photos.

Both wind screens raise and lower on touch, and you will notice that the interior of the car is very nicely detailed, including a very detailed and authentic dashboard.

On the dashboard is a yellow headlight button. You will hear an electronic confirmation sound when you touch it to turn the headlights on and off. The headlights work with the SL advanced lighting system so be sure you active advanced lighting in the graphics tab of your viewer preferences to see this lighting.

Touch the rear spare tire anytime you need the friendly "beep beep" horn sound.

I made it to proper scale as it comes out of the box. However I did include a touch to resize script should you need to adjust the scale of the vehicle. Touch the radiator cap on the front of the car to access the resize script, you will see the blue dialog box appear in the upper right on your viewer screen. Should you have an unusual avatar size or shape, feel free to contact me if you need your seating position adjusted. I am a full service car dealer, and will be happy to do this for you.

This is an all mesh car with a land equivalent of 27 prims if you want to park it for a while.

Once you are underway you can begin finding other new and fascinating roads and highways all over the mainland. The road ahead seems endless and there are always new buildings, and shops, and cafes, and gas stations, and vistas to discover.

Enjoy your new Larsson Roadster and discover all the richness and creativity of the SL mainland!

Thanks, stay safe, and best wishes!


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  • Classic generic roadster style
  • 10 forward speeds ideal for mainland roads
  • Touch control lights, horns, doors, windshields, and resize
  • Animated driver and passenger seats
  • Original and highly tested vehicle scripting, steering tested for mainland road

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  • Land Impact: 27
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