Larsson Rescue RIB Boat Ideal For SAR Role Play! Version 3.7

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Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) were invented in the UK in the 1960s as a solution to reducing the wear-out of the inflatable lifeboats that were widely used at that time.

RIBs are commonly 4 to 9 meters in length. The Larsson Rescue RIB is just over 6 meters in length and 3 meters wide giving this boat an appropriate mid-range scale in size. Outboard motors for RIBs range in power from 5 to over 300 HP. The Larsson Rescue RIB features the Larsson L-TEC 350 HP outboard motor.

There is an original standing animation for the captain at the controls, and there are three seats for crew/survivors. Two seats are in the side by side bench seat and the third faces backward sitting on the life preserver in the bow area. The sit animations are all different from each other. Also in the bow is a small puppy enjoying the fresh air. Touch to make the puppy visible or invisible.

Water speed is governed by the Larsson nine speed outboard style engine so you can travel at speeds appropriate for this water craft. Top speed seems very fast when you are this low to the water. Speeds range from 3 up to full speed ahead at 21 knots. Reverse is set at 3 knots. Use the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer or the page up and down keys on your keyboard to change the speeds. There is a chat message telling you gear numbers as you change them. Steering has been tuned to reflect the action of a boat of this size.

You will hear the outboard motor start-up sound when the captain is seated at the controls. Then the engine idle sound begins. The engine underway sound is heard whenever you go into forward or reverse. The engine sound ends when the captain stands away from the controls.

There is water spray from the propeller of the outboard motor. You will also notice bow wave sprays from both sides. The spray turns on or off depending on the movement of the boat.

Key a "w" in chat to sound a classic bosun's whistle you can use as a greeting or alert.

Key "on" or "off" in chat to operate the blue warning flashing light on the bow.

Notice there are proper red and green navigation lights as well as a white stern light on the back of the outboard motor. Touch the NAV light button on top of the captain's control stand to turn these proper navigation lights on if you are operating just before sunset until sunrise. Touch again to turn them off.

There is an advanced lighting system spotlight at the bow. Touch the yellow button on the steering column to turn the lights on or off. Be sure you activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to use this feature.

Notice also rescue oriented details aboard the boat: paramedic bag, binoculars, communication radio, and life preserver.

The land equivalent weight is 29 prims, and the object physics have been adjusted appropriately. You can stand or walk anywhere inside the boat, and it can carry the captain and three passengers.

This vessel is sold as copy only. If needed, you can easily adjust your height on the steering wheel using your quick preference settings. If needed, touch the black engine mounting bar across the stern of the boat (the motor is mounted on it) to access the resize script. The blue resize menu will appear on your viewer screen.

Let me know if you have other ideas about cargo or other features, I am always happy to update my products with new features.

Thanks, best wishes and stay safe,


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  • Original standing animation for captain, plus three passenger sits
  • Working lights for navigation, spotlight, and emergency
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Bosun's whistle sound
  • Resize script

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