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✩ Lindo Candies Station v4.5.x ✩

❖ What is the Lindo Candies Station? ❖

│ Lindo Candies Station is a light device that allows your land to be supported by Lindo.
│ Lindo Candies Station will bring people into your land and allow them to spend time there.

❖ How much does it cost to keep it active? ❖

│ Its all up to your taste. You can set a contest to keep itself a week long and payout a specific amount like L$250.
│ So the Lindo Candies Station gives you a total control on your budget.

❖ How can I set it up and use? ❖

│ 1. Just put it on the desired place.
│ 2. Grant debit permissions.
│ 3. Pay any amount you want to keep in the balance. (This is like wallet)
│ 4. Click the body of the station, from the menu, click "Start" to start a contest.

│ Note: Just following these steps will start a contest by using default settings.
│ If you want to change default settings, see the "Buttons" section below.

❖ Buttons ❖

│ There are few buttons to manage the Lindo Candies Station as follows:

│ ◈ Start/Stop: Turns the contest on/off.

│ ◈ Managers:
│ Add: Allows you to add a manager by UUID.
│ Delete: Allows you to delete a manager by UUID.

│ ◈ Settings:

│ ● Group
│ ├─ Set group: Allows you to set the group by UUID.
│ └─ Require: Allows you to make the contest accessible only by the group which you set by using Set Group button.

│ ● Range: Allows you to determine the area players can wander in as:
│ ├─ Parcel,
│ ├─ Sim,
│ └─ Circular (Circular area around the station)

│ ● Mode
│ ├─ Time Counter: Sets the contest mode to payout by a certain time.
│ └─ Game Counter: Sets the contest mode to payout by a certain number of game plays.

│ ● Length: Popups buttons to set contest length.

│ ● Jackpot: Popups buttons to set total payout amount at the end of a contest
│ ● Loop: Loop determines whether contest restarts itself upon its end or not.

❖ What type of privileges do station managers have? ❖

│ Except adding or removing managers, they have access to everything just like owner does.

❖ Caveats ❖

│ Paid Groups
│ ▔▔▔▔▔▔
│ When you make the contest to be accessible by a group only, make sure the group is exactly free to join.
│ Paid groups will make your contest to be investigated under the scope of Skill Gaming Policy which will definitely get your account suspended by Linden Labs.
│ To avoid such complications, we will manually disconnect stations from paid groups and inform the station user.

│ Save button
│ ▔▔▔▔▔▔
│ When you change various settings such as jackpot amount, contest length or radius of circular range, settings wont be saved directly.
│ Once something is changed, a save button will appear for you to save settings.

❖ Contact ❖

│ Please feel free to contact me anytime you need :)
│ Sofistik Resident

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my lindo HUD is working
full star full star full star full star full star Posted February 10, 2021 by carteiro29042017

After sending several messages and a notecard, I received a response from Sofistik and my lindo HUD is working in my main account. Thank you Sofistik.

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