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What is Lindo - Virtual Flower?

│ Lindo is an in-game virtual flower HUD which allows you to
│ earn lindens while watering a flower to grow it.
│ When attached, it will show on your screen as a HUD,
│ so there is no need for external avatar attachments,
│ and no need to rez anything either.

How Many Lindens Can I Earn?

│ This varies according to conditions, but when you grow a
│ flower by watering it regularly, you can earn between L$5-13 within an hour.
│ Current minimum earning ratios are exactly as follows:

│ L$ 0.02-0.08 for each growing step.

│ However, your earning ratios are not limited in this way.
│ For more details, please check "Can I Earn More Lindens?" below.

How Do I Use Lindo - Virtual Flower?

│ The steps are fairly simple!

│ 1. Attach the Lindo HUD.
│ 2. Click on the MENU-STATS button.
│ 3. Click on the "Get a location" button.
│ 4. Click on the given teleport address to teleport to the suggested location.

│ Now all you have to do is grow the flower by clicking on the water can!

What Do These Indicators, Buttons, and other Tools Do?

│ Indicators:
│ 1. Earned L$: Shows the amount of lindens you have earned.
│ 2. Experience (XP): Shows the amount of total grown flowers.
│ This also indicates your experience points, which improves your chances of an award winning ratio.
│ 3. Seeds: Shows the remaining seeds.
│ 4. Thirst: Shows the thirst percentage. When it reaches 100%, this means your flower is thirsty and stops growing.
│ Clicking on the water can will decrease this percentage, and will allow your flower to continue to grow.
│ 5. Progress: Shows the growth percentage of your flower.

│ Buttons:
│ 1. MENU-STATS: Shows the Menu-Statistics window or hides it.
│ 2. Bird: Activates the bird sounds to make life much more amazing.

│ Buttons on the "Menu - Statistics"
│ 1. Get a location: Gives you a random location to grow your flower at.
│ 2. Withdraw: Withdraws your current earned funds.
│ (See "How Many Lindens Can I Earn?")
│ 3. Web page: Opens Lindo main web page.

I Have Ran Out of Seeds, What Should I Do?

│ You can buy seeds from the seed boxes, which are placed near the Land Terminals.

The Sun Is No longer There?! What Do I Do?

│ Click the 'Get a location' button and teleport to the suggested location.
│ Always read the local chat first to see why there is no sun.

Can I Earn More Lindens?

│ Of course!

│ Check the event rates of the locations!
│ Event rates of the locations specifies your earning ratio.
│ To see 'high event rated' locations, look at "Game Locations" from our web page.
│ Event rates there will be listed under "Event"
│ For instance, if you prefer a location which has 2x Event,
│ that specific place will multiply your earnings by 2x.

│ Improve your Experience Points (XP)!
│ We distribute weekly bonuses to first 10 high ranked players by their weekly performance.

│ Anyone can do that so you don't need to be an old player.

│ Plus, the players who are in the high ranks of the week will earn
│ immediate rate increase while growing the flower:

│ 1st Player will earn +50% increase.
│ 2nd Player will earn +25% increase.
│ 3rd Player will earn +10% increase.

│ There are different types of seeds that can boost the rate you gain XP:
│ 1) Regular Seed - 1x XP Gain
│ 2) Silver Seed - 2x XP Gain
│ 3) Golden Seed - 2x XP Gain (Golden seed also grows your flower faster).
│ The different kinds of seeds can be purchased near the terminal on the parcel/sim.

│ Visit "Ranks" from our web page to see the list of winners.

☎ I Have More Questions, Who Should I Contact?

│ Please don't hesitate to ask your questions to us anytime!

│ Web:
│ Group: Lindo
│ Creator: Sofistik Resident
│ or any of Lindo Helpers

│ This help file has been reviewed by the Official Article Manager: MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield)

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My favorite SL group to Make Lindens/Use for Business Traffic

Posted November 08, 2017 by Izzabella Alexandre 5 stars

I briefly played/ was involved in some other Linden making opportunities & Lindo is my favorite for several reasons. The group of players & owners of the terminals are nicer & more helpful than other Hud Driven Liden making groups I've been in on SL. If you like traveling around seeing new things there is always new places being listing & what better way to visit a place than to earn while there & make new friend too? As a terminal owner it's an excellent traffic tool if you are wanting to get those numbers up! The Lindo Hud is extremely easy to use for the novice as well as advanced aged players. You get the Hud, open the box, add to wear and "get a location!" You may need to add a group for the land you go to but that's easy :) Once you have the Hud on & have a "Sun" on your screen you simply click the watering can to keep your flower healthy & when the progress bar hits 100% *WALLA* you've grown your first flower & on your way to making as many lidens as your heart desires. Skip around Second Life all day with your friends & have some fun doing it. See you on that Lindo track & if you get it, "Welcome Aboard!" Any questions please don't hesitate to message I'm always around & if a moderator isn't I can try to answers questions & walk you through setting up. Have an absolutely wonderful SL experience!

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Fun & easy way to earn some lindens

Posted November 08, 2017 by Careenie Carami 5 stars

This has to be the easiest pay/earn-for-traffic system on the market! Absolutely free for players, and you receive payment directly from the HUD. Landowners have a lot of control over the traffic they bring in. Many times you are being paid to have a good time! :-) Also I received excellent customer service from the game owner when i had a small problem. Yay Lindo!

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