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*Hair shown in image is not included

Thank you for choosing Loki Avatars, i hope you find it easy to use and customise.
For more information check out www.lokieliot.com/avatars

This Character comes including:

• Shirt & Jeans
• Trainers
• Boxer Briefs
• 2 X SKN Boxes with at least 5 Skin Tones 9 Eye Colour choices
• Collectable action figure in box
• White Vest
• Boxer Shorts
• White Socks

Here are a list of built in features:

Loki Avatars do not use HUDs, instead you access the built tin options by clicking the area
around your avatars left heel.

Masking in Loki Avatars have 'presets' for specific clothes as well as custom masking for
more control over sections of the body.

The hands are proper poses that use the bento system, allowing you to select from the
hand options. You can choose to grip, ball in to a fist, or have them relaxed.

Due to limitations with bento system sliders you can not change ear angle with body shape
edit sliders. Instead you can select from FOUR preset angles allowing for sticky out ears or
close to the head.

With moods you can select an animation to express your current mood, such as happy,
sad, angry, frightened, mischievous and also dancing. More moods will be added to all
Loki Avatars in future updates.

Your avatar will appear to talk when you are typing. You can switch this off by toggling the
‘Talker’ Button.

Loki Avatars and some of the clothing will appear wet when emerging from Second Life
water then slowly dry over time. You can toggle Wet, Dry and somewhere in between via
the WetMode button.

Loki Avatars were created from the ground up and as such need clothes specifically created
for Loki Avatars. Some clothes created for other avatars may still fit Loki Avatars, it will be a
case of trying demos and seeing what works and what does not.

There is a free creator pack for creators who would like to make clothes for Loki Avatars.
There are also prefab packs available for customising textures. For more information please
visit the Loki Avatars website at www.lokieliot.com/avatars

In the ADVANCED options you can choose to switch on or off the SKN Editor. When on your
avatar will go into edit pose mode and present a Colour chart. You can then tint your
avatars skin any colour. You will also need to be in SKN Editor Mode when you want to
apply SKN Boxes.

SKN Boxes are a system for changing Loki Avatars skin textures. Included is a SKN Box for
different tones and a SKN Box for changing eye colour. To use them first make sure you
are in SKEditor mode with the colour chart in front of your avatar then simply wear the
SKN boxes. A menu should appear with options of which eye colour or skin tone to
change to. Once you are happy with the Skin, click END in the SKN Box menu to detach.

You can create your own custom skins and your own SKN Boxes to apply them to the avatar
by downloading the Skins Pack from the Loki Avatars Website at www.lokieliot.com/avatars

In the Advanced Menu there is a 'UpdateCHECK' option. This will allow you to get future
updates of your Loki Avatar. To use it you must visit the Update Pad at the Loki Inworld
Megastore. locate the update pad and stand on it. It should say 'READY”.
In your advanced menu click the 'UpdateCHECK' in the avatars advanced Menu. If all goes well the
Update Pad should then give you the latest version of your avatar.

Receive notices of future updates by joining the Loki Avatars Group.

Check out the official website for more information on Loki Avatars www.lokieliot.com/avatars

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  • Bento Avatar taking advantage of face and hand animations
  • Built in Menu for quick masking of the body
  • Appears wet in SL Water and slowly appears to dry out
  • Choose face expression moods
  • Edit shape using SL Body Shape Sliders

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