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Introducing Lottie Totties Bento Newborns. Finally, a SL baby that is really going to MOVE you.
◦. ★ ◦ ★◦. ★ ◦ ★◦. ★ ◦ ★◦.
We offer 5 beautiful models to choose from: Vanilla, Latte, Toffee, Mocha & Chocolate. For each Newborn we have also created a Daddy Version & a Mommy version. This allows a more personalized interaction & major precision when animating. Don’t forget to visit our in-world location for adorable clothes & creator Kits!
◦★ ◦ ★◦. ★ ◦ ★◦. ★ ◦ ★◦.
With Lottie Totties our team of top-notch bento creators and real-life medical professionals have put their heads together once again to introduce the most realistic and advanced newborn that Second Life technology can offer.
Our Newborns are in a league all their own, different from static prim babies or baby avatars. Our tots rely on the bento skeleton of Your body to display an unprecedented level of realism in animations and interaction. The complex Bento animations makes your newborn experience truly come alive and bonding a joy, not a chore.

Lottie Totties are designed to be newborns, their features are highly specific to this stage of their growth and so are the animations, our little ones will not grow to a “toddler” state. With our newborn we wanted to introduce you, the parents to a new way of caring for your infant. We are not going to charge you anything for food or diapers that will result in “status changes” it is all included in the HUDs

Your Lottie Totties Newborn will include:

~ A Single interactive & Bento Animated WEARABLE version:
• Name your Newborn
• Hold your Newborn: The little one happily moves his/her arms and legs while looking at you as you embrace and sustain his/her tiny body with both arms.
• Bottle Feed your Newborn: The little one reaches towards the bottle as you carefully start to feed him/her. While feeding you can hear adorable sucking sounds.
• Breast Feed your Newborn: The hungry little one is positioned at the height of your breast to have one of his/her daily meals.
• Pamper your Newborn: The little one is placed on your left shoulder as you carefully pat his/her back for comfort. Baby snuggles and enjoys the closeness and warmth.
• Change your Newborn on a Bento animated changing table: A changing table is automatically rezzed at the beginning of the animation and can be deleted at the end. Throughout the animation you can see your avatar placing and turning the little one on the table as he/she lifts legs and gets ready for you to change the diaper. After the diaper is fresh and clean, you carefully move the little one back into your arms. We now also allow our parents to permanently adjust the size and position of the table directly from the menu.
• Give a Pacifier/Dummy to calm your little one.
• Cover your Newborn with a Blanket: Both pink and blue baby blanket options. You can see your little one’s tiny body realistically kicking and squirming under the mesh blanket.
• Hide/Show Diaper
• Change the eye color of the little one with 8 color options including: Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Hazel, Ice and Red.
• Change the hair base of your little one with 6 color options including: Black, Brown, Blonde, Dark Blonde, Red and Ruby. (Creator Hair Base kits are currently available)
• Cuddle your little one till he/she falls asleep - precious sleeping animation shows the little one slowly moving his/her arms and legs and eventually throwing a sudden kick as baby gets scared before finally settling down to peacefully dreaming. Be sure to listen out for your little one’s slight snore.
• Wake baby up from a nap or overnight sleep.
• Make him/her babble and coo.

~ A single static version.You can:
• Name your Newborn
• Change the hair base of your little one with 6 color options including: Black, Brown, Blonde, Dark Blonde, Red and Ruby
• Change the eye color of the little one with 8 color options including: Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Hazel, Ice and Red.
• Remove/Add Blanket: Choice between Blue and Pink color options
• Give a Pacifier/Dummy to calm your little one.
• Make your Newborn fall asleep and hear him/her breathing.
• Wake up your Newborn
• Make your Newborn babble and coo.

*Please note: Bento Animations are only available in the wearable baby as your Newborn can have access to your avatar’s bones to animate. The rezzable static version is to be used when you want to put little one in his/her own bed, ready for the midday nap or a long night of sleep. *

Clothing and various additional options: We have released multiple selling kits for any creator to acquire.

Interested in purchasing clothes for your Lottie Totties? Come to see us at our in-world location to see some example of the many clothes that have already been created!

*Please Note* The Newborns are listed as No Modify, No Copy, No Transfer: Please don't let this trick you, if you lose your baby You Can ALWAYS hit the redelivery terminal <3
Demo In Store <3

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  • Uses advanced bento animations for a heartmelting result
  • Daddy & Mummy versionsof 5 different models for sales
  • Dress your Baby up with adorable rigged mesh clothing!
  • Food and all Necessary items are fully included! No stats <3
  • Werable Animated and Static Versions Included

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The perfect newborn.

Posted January 02, 2019 by ChickyForbes Avedon 5 stars

So, I bought this baby a while ago and waited to give this review because I wanted to truly test it out. I must say, it is one of the most adorable babies on the market. The realistic movements and sounds are amazing. I also love that when you hold them, they don't merge into your body. You have done a fantastic job with this, thank you.

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Beautiful Baby

Posted December 25, 2018 by Charligirl 4 stars

This new little baby is beautiful, so well made. The movements are very smooth and realistic. Its awesome that baby doesnt move into your body etc. The Lottie Totties baby is very easy to use also, NO extensive intense instructions to read. Easy, lovely, wonderfully interactive. My one regret with the baby is the lack of clothing, and/or lack of variety to purchase or to create. I believe when we can create more for this baby at a reasonable cost, this baby will be one of the most popular in SL. Thank you to for the promo price, so that we are all able to enjoy this little babe.

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