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MD Security System - product overview

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MD Security System is the perfect solution for your home/store protection. This security system is especially designed to be easy to use, low lag and packed of options in order to provide you the best protection with the smallest effort. This system is only 2 prims and uses a very little amount of resources compared to all the great features that provides you. Here's a quick overview on the main feature:

- Mode: define how the MD Security System behaves when one or more unknown avatar is found: the system will use a default action set before by the owner: allow, ban, eject, scan & eject.

Additionally, you can choose if eject automatically an avatar when not matching these scan rules:
-has no payment info.
-has less than a specific age (in days).
-has an ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) higher than the limit set.
-has been too long in the area, with custom timeout.
-is shorter than the minimum allowed (in meters).
-has no specific group tag active.

- Scan time: define how often (in second) the system will check the area for new unknown avatars;
- Scan range: define how far (in meters) the system will check around itself for new unknown avatar. You can pick a scan range from 1 up to 4095 meters, or decide to scan the whole parcel;

- Control List: define who can control the security system, with 3 different roles:
> Owner: the security system's owner, having full permissions;
> Admin: avatars added by the owner able to add or remove avatars from the security system's access list and change most of the security system's settings;
> Manager: avatars added by the owner or admin, only able to add or remove avatars from the security system's access list;

- Access List: define who is allowed or banned from the security system's area, with 2 different roles:
> Allow: avatars able to access the area under the security system's control.
> Ban: avatars whom won't be able to access the area under the security system's control.
> Automatic sync access lists between all orbs present in the same region
> Automatic backup online of access list
> Restore the access list from an online backup

- MD Labs Online Services integration: the MD Security System is deeply integrated with MD Labs Online Services, a website created to control your security system. Turn on/off the MD Security System, delete it from in-world, change the auto action, add & remove avatars from the access list. All this operations will immediately reflect to the corresponding security orb in-world.

- Temporary allow or ban: decide if allow or ban an avatar for a custom time up to 244 hours. Once the time has passed, the avatar will be removed from the allow or ban list;

- Options: change some other small aspects of the MD Security System, such as show/hide the text above the system, toggle visibility and notifications, set a custom eject message, send an avatar home upon ejecting;
All this and much more in a 2 prims, lag free and very handy tool!

PLEASE NOTE: if your land is group-owned and you are not the land owner, you'll need to deed the MD Security System to the group in order to have all the benefits.
To do that, just right click on the MD Security System, go to "Edit" and in the "General" tab you'll see a "Deed" button. Hit it and select the group which owns the land. Please refer to your land owner for any additional instruction on how to get the "removal permission" required to have a fully working MD Security System.

- Full and lifetime support is provided, IM resident Mattia Delwood
2019. MD Labs.



  • Mode: allow, eject, ban, scan & eject, and temporary allow or ban.
  • Customizable scan time and scan range (up to parcel)
  • Auto sync of access list, group mode, backup & restore of access list
  • Control your security system from MD Online Services website.
  • Quick and easy to setup, 100% mesh, lag free and only 2 prims.

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Well-made, Simple and Excellent!

Posted December 11, 2014 by Omenapu 5 stars

This orb does absolutely everything I need. The placement, setup and activation are all extremely easy and straightforward and the menu systems are well labeled and explained.

Once in-place and activated, setting the range couldn't be easier as there is an option to show the range, which appears as a sphere radiating from the orb itself. This means it is a perfect option for skyboxes and parcels in general.

Yet, that's not all. The device comes with a website! Included with the orb is an Online Services Manager. Just rez, setup your password and then activate. This is then deleted and, upon clicking the orb and selecting Online Services, it takes you to a website. Why is this useful? If you are no in-world for what ever reason, you can access the orb from the website and control its features from there: access, security mode and even turn it on and off.

All in all, an excellent choice and I'm very happy with it.

P.S. It's MESH and only 3 PRIMS!

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