MI H.I.T. Girl (Multi-User)

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H.I.T. Girl (Multi-User)

The ulimative and best CCS Melee - Combat Fighting Machine you can find. Full adjustable to your needs.

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H.I.T. Girl (Multi-User)
from Monsters Inc. - CCS RP Tools
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(H.I.T. = High Intelligent Target)

This is not a normal Dummy - this is a CCS combat and sparring machine!

Not like others working with fix damage, the H.I.T. Girl recognizes your melee damage output and fights you back with minimum your own strength !
This could be adjusted from you with additional damage output, if you want to fight stronger enemies.

You want to buff yourself than you still buff her too !

BUT thats not all. Like the CCS Meter the H.I.T. Girl works with a 180 degrees range in front of her with a combat range of 3.5 meters (you can increase if you want her to be harder Ô.Ô ).
So try to fight her from the side or back. But she's not a stupid Girl - she will turn herself to you and get you so into her range angain.

You see, she is designed for practicing melee-combat, to learn reckon combat distance, how to get into the foes meters dead angle and to take advantage out of this.

With different adjustable parameters you can fit her to your character or to the strength of enemies you want to fight.
Best condition to grow while practicing - also if no partner is available !

With this product you receive a detailed english and german description

H.I.T. Girl (Multi-User)

In Multi User version the owner decides who all can open the menu and adjust the NPC Tuning
In Single User version only the owner can open the menu and adjust the NPC Tuning - But everyone can fight her !

* CCS enhanced
* Best Practice NPC
* works like CCS Meter with 180° comabat radius
* Adjust ...
- Additional Damage (fights back with your damage + Add. Damage)
- Hit & Turn Rate (makes it faster fighting and turning)
- Combat Range
- Mele or Life Damage (Life goes through your armor)
... to your needs !!

Menu driven

◣◥ multiple enemies ◣◥
Want to practice fighting against more than 1 enemy - turning - walking around - getting faster ?
No problem !
☞ The H.I.T. Girl is COPY ☜ rez 2 or 3 of them in an radius of 4 meters from the middle.

◣◥ Single / Multi User ◣◥

➭ The Single-User is more a personal version and gains menu access only to the owner.
NPC Tuning so is only for the owner available. But the H.I.T. Girl is still fightable for all people.

➭ The Multiuser is perfect for SIM or arena owners.
Our permission module allows the owner to define different levels of access to the product and the menu system.
This way the owner can allow all people to fit the H.I.T. Girl to their needs !

◣◥ How to start ◣◥
Oh thats very easy. Rez the H.I.T. Girl and after it is switched on ( button]), attack her.
She will begin to fight you back with the actual settings.

Her Meter shows you
✦ the version
✦ against whom she fights
✦ her health and
✦ the strength she is kicking you when you are in range.

If she doesn't receive any damage from you within 15 seconds, she will go back to her starting position and tell all that you run away !

◣◥ Hints for tuning and practice ◣◥
➭ Grow in Speed
Hit rate is set to 0.75 as standard. That means the H.I.T. Girl fights you back at 0.75 seconds (or 2 hits in 1.5 seconds).
Normal fighters can beat you up to 3 times a second (what is 0.33 Hit rate).

➭ Grow in Finesse
The meter works in melee normal on a distance of 3.5 meters.
The standard range of the H.I.T. Girl also is set to 3.5 meters.
Set it to 4 meters and the range of the H.I.T. Girl will be higher than yours, best for practicing fast in/out moves.

➭ 180° combat angle
Like the CCS Meter the H.I.T. Girl works with a 180° angle in front of her.
(Outside this angle and combat range comes no damage from her)
Try to combine the options above with getting on/in her side/back (into her dead angle) and beat her from there.

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Wish you much fun ;-)

and don't forget to take a look at our other products

Azathoth Sharkfin
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