MMA Combat - Street Fight HUD - Mixed Martial Arts Version 1.0

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▧ MMA Combat - Street Fight HUD - Bumper ▧

▶ Usable everywhere, even in no-rez and no-script areas !

▶ Awesome animations and sounds + you can add your own.

▶ Sim-wide targeting system, can attack avatars or objects.

▶ Fully customizable, you can add your own animations, sounds, and even implement the sounds of your favorite bumpers and switch from one to an other in two clicks.

▶ Possibility to personalize all of its settings, such as enable or disable push, set the push force, the moving range and speed.

▶ Ultra low lag and low script (2 scripts only)

And.... it is really super fun to use !
Your friends will hate it :P


▪ Minimize / Maximize the HUD ▪
Click the POWER ICON to minimize or maximize the HUD

▪ Start attack ▪
Click the SKULL ICON and select an avatar in the list to start to fight it.
You can also attack surrounding objects, to do that select *List Obj.* in the dialog box, and then the object of your choice in the list. To get back to the avatar list, click on *List Avatars*
This attack continue automatically unless you stop it.

▪ Stop the attack ▪
Simply click on the red STOP ICON to end the attack.

▪ Simple punch / kick attack ▪
Click on the HAND ICON and then select an avatar (or an object) via the dialog box to start the attack.
This attack is a simple punch / kick that end itself after few seconds and hitting the avatar.

▪ HUD settings ▪
Click on the blue GEAR ICON to open the HUD settings window.
There you can personalize your HUD and all of its options. Read the next chapter to learn more about all the possibilities it offers.


Use the check boxes to modify the basic settings.

▪ Hit Push ▪
Enable or disable the push (if enabled and if the push is allowed, kicks or punches will push the target)

▪ Bumper ▪
Enable or disable the bumper. When the bumper is enabled, if an avatar collide with you, you will hit him automatically at each collision. If you also enabled the Extra Sounds options, it will trigger sounds of your selected bumper note.

▪ Boost AO ▪
Once enabled, this option replace some animations of the built-in viewer overrider. That makes combat smoother.

▪ Automatic Hits ▪
Once enabled, this makes your avatar hit the target automatically while attacking via the SKULL button.
If you disable this option, use the UP arrow key to kick or punch.

▪ Extra Sounds ▪
Enable the Extra Sounds option to activate the bumper sounds on collision. Use the "N" button to load the desired bumper sounds from the HUD notecards. You can add new bumper sounds in the list by making your own notecards.

▪ Combat meter ▪
Not available. Not yet released.


Use the - and + buttons to modify the advanced settings values. (Hold the click)

▪ Hit Push Force in % ▪
Set the push force of hits, assuming that the "Hit Push" basic option is activated. Default value is 45 %.

▪ Moving Range in meters ▪
Change the range of the moves around the target while attacking. Default value is 4 meters.

▪ Moving Range in meters ▪
Change the moves speed of the attack. Default value is 100% meters. (maximum 131%)

▪ Resize HUD in % ▪
Change the HUD size. Default value is 100%.

▪ +ADD+ ▪
Personalize your HUD by adding your own sounds, animations and bumper notecards. To do that simply drag the items from your inventory to the HUD.

▪ -DELETE- ▪
Manage the HUD inventory items using the DELETE button. Select the item you wish to delete in the list.

▪ !!!RESET!!! ▪
Click to reset the HUD and restore default values for its options.


▪ You can trigger bumper sounds (if Extra Sounds option enabled) while attacking by pressing multiple time the DOWN arrow key.
You can hit more powerfully by clicking multiple time the UP arrow key.


▪ You can easily add your favorite bumpers to the HUD by creating notecards that contain your bumper sounds UUIDs (explained in the user manual)


▪ Updates are free and automatic for this item. Each time you login with or wear your HUD it checks for new versions (daily checking).
If a new version is available you will receive it from our server.


▪ If you have questions, experience delivery issues, or want a demonstration of the product, please contact Taisha Emerald in-world or start a live chat at :

See item in Second Life ®



  • MMA Combat - Street Fight - Bumber
  • Awesome animations and sounds
  • Works everywhere, even in no-script, no-rez areas
  • Fully customizable settings, allow to add your own anims & sounds
  • Super fun and easy to use !

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Posted June 01, 2020 by Fanger Firelight 1 star

This hud just follows an avatar and pushes them around while your avatar does dumb fighting animations with even dumber sounds. Nothing more than that

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i love the avater

Posted September 21, 2019 by sandy4000 5 stars

i love the hud its great it works good with my outfits superheros timetravel and scfi my rating is100% its the best hud i ever had i say people buy it you will be so happy you bought it and it great for combat(sandy4000)

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