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Runekeeper Spell HUD
.::. Created by Zachh Barkley's The Arcanum
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This system turns the user into a "Runekeeper", a powerful wizard that can read runic text and bend its power to their will. You are given a Rune Tablet (HUD) that to any muggle would look like a shiny rock. As a Runekeeper, you can decipher the runes inscribed onto the stone and harness their power that so many whispers describe as god-like.


The Powers of the Rune Keeper are as follows...

• All Powers are cast via the HUD.
• To dispel any active spell, click the [DISPEL] button on any page of the HUD.
• Spells can be cast on anyone from any distance in a sim. Please use this feature wisely.
• The attachment is worn on your Right Hand or Right Forearm.

❦ Aura ❦ - A mystical fog surrounds you, hovering about your body and settling on your back. An ominous display of power.

❦ Astral Projection ❦ - The god leaves his body and is able to use his camera to listen in on conversations that he zooms in on.

❦ Banish ❦ - Your most powerful offensive god spell. This will invoke ancient magic to appear and carry the target away into the sky. Only to be used in desperate situations.

❦ Bless ❦ - Those that worship you need to be compensated. Lift the burdens up off of their shoulders with a blessing. Angelic forces will swoop down and caress the target.

❦ Blizzard ❦ - The god summons a massive blizzard over the target, causing snow to pile up, and crystals to form up creating a very nice ice show.

❦ Candle ❦ - Conjure a candle to light the way. This candle will float behind you wherever you go, until ended.

❦ Cloud Walking ❦ - Every god needs a cloud! Use this to walk across water, and the skies and over cities on a cloud. The god can also use MOUSELOOK mode to walk in diagonal directions on the cloud. It will not leave your feet until dismissed. You can also use mouselook and look down to walk down onto the ground.

❦ Depulse ❦ - Useful for crowded situations, discharges energy, sending people backwards away from you a few meters.

❦ Dragon's Breath ❦ - A quite powerful rune. When invoked it will open a vortex to the realm of fire, allowing a flame jet to incinerate anything in it's path.

❦ Freeze ❦ - Freeze the target among chilly ice.

❦ Levitate and Control ❦ - Lift the target into the air and have them follow you any and everywhere you go! Click and drag and you're instantly able to move them around!

❦ Meditation ❦- Summon this enchanting bubble and listen to the chimes and bells as you meditate and focus your power. Also acts as an invulnerable shield.

❦ Meteor Storm ❦ - Unleash god-like Havoc upon the surrounding area of a target. Meteors fall from the sky and crush the ground into craters (literally) and will fling people near the crash sites a few meters upward. Great fun.

❦ Portal ❦ - Ancient runic portals that magically connect to act as wormholes between two locations. To use these properly, rez two of them, and then click on one to link them together. Works between any two points in a sim.

❦ Shield ❦ - Summon an arcane force field that protects you from oncoming bullets and projectiles.

❦ Telekinesis PUSH/PULL ❦ - Use magic to send a target flinging backwards, or pull them torward you. Also known as Telekinetic Thrust. Can push up to 96 meters and pull from 96 meters away.

❦ Threaten ❦ - A display of power, meant to allow you to show your omnipotence. All who are before you shall be warned not to tempt their fate.

❦TELEPORTATION❦ - An internal teleportation system that allows you to move about Second Life in magical ways.
-HIDE/UNHIDE- Toggles invisibility.
To Person- Allows you to teleport to any person in a sim.
To Ground- Teleports you to the ground of a sim.
Mark- Mark a location for recalling.
Recall- Teleport back to a marked location.

FX: GOOD/EVIL: Toggles visual FX for teleportation between good/evil.
ON/OFF: Toggles visualFX poofing when teleporting.



  • 20 Eye-tickling spells sure to please you and your friends.
  • Rune Tablet HUD
  • Integrated teleportation system.
  • No range limit.
  • Ideal for Roleplayers or magic enthusiasts!

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Very reliable and powerful

Posted July 26, 2019 by JosephWayseeker 5 stars

Easy to find and select spells. SL needs a better way than a pathetic handful of HUD attach points. A menu item to have a dropdown list of HUDs that is virtually unlimited would be one simple solution. This applies to all HUD based systems not specifically to this one. Since most of this type take up screen space even when not in use and usually more when used and many insist on a corner spot to work it makes combining spell sets next to impossible. This set takes up the minimum amount of room for the content and I thank the designer/coders for this.

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Love it.

Posted August 06, 2012 by Rjcdagas 5 stars

Great Hud, very fun and well made effects. Congrats. 5 stars. I only wish that the damn curse CLoud would actually follow the Avi around, that would be triple funny.

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