Xah Particle Maker - particle machine for creating full perm particle scripts Version 1.6.1

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Xah Particle Maker lets you create full perm particle scripts for fire particles, smoke particles, snow particles, and ANY particle effects without scripting.


No Scripting skill Required. Just touch buttons and mouse glide on panels. Respond to typed command too.

• 17 presets by touch: rain, snow, flame, volcano, fireworks, smoke, water jet, laser blast, supernova, solar wave, double spiral, flowing hearts, ….

• SIMPLE in-world 3D user interface. Not a flat HUD or complex control center. No geek commands.

• Real Time Control. The sliders update particles in real time as you move mouse.

• ONE TOUCH get you the particle script.

• One touch to generate a random particle you've never seen.

• Support Textures. Drag textures from your inventory onto a prim and see its effects in particle.

• Support Targeting. Touch a prim makes particles follow you.

• Automatic Version Update. Automatically check for availability of latest version on rez, and delievers to you free.

Get a free demo version at:

For complete new manual, please see: http://xahsl.org/sl/xah_particle_maker.html


If you are a expert scripter, here's the benefits:

• Type commands to set parameters. Immediately get visual feedback on your change. No more edit compile loop.

• Auto correct out of bound values with feeback. Never wonder why your particle isn't using your parameters.

• Smartly activates the complex dependant parameters and tells you about it. (Never wonder why your begin radius doesn't have any effect.)

• All current values are displayed in a glance. Inactive parameter's values are shown as blank diamond symbol “◇”.

• Accept color code in hex syntax, and 0-255 syntax, and lsl syntaxes. (“startcolor ff0000”, “startcolor 1 0 0”, “startcolor 255 0 0”.)

• Accept angle inputs as degree. (e.g. “AngleRange 80 90” instead of “AngleRange 1.396 1.57”.)

• No need to type vector brackets. If less than 3 vector components are given, smartly set missing components. (e.g. “ForceVector 2” is the same as “ForceVector 0 0 2”, for PSYS_SRC_ACCEL.)


For individual buyers, if you don't like this product for any reason, just IM me (Xah Toll), tell me the reasons, i'll give you a refund. (minus xstreet commission) YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN 1 MONTH OF PURCHASE, with record on SL about your purchase.


hi, I'm Xah Lee. I'm a professional programer and amateur geometer for the past 15 years, specializing in scientific visualization and web applications. I'm also the author of Linden Scripting Language mode for emacs. I created this particle maker from the ground up, not based on some free scripts out there. You can be sure that every bit, every code, every user interface design, are done with great thoughts, to ensure you the greatest ease of use and power with this product. Feel free to ask me any questions.

See Particle Gallery made by Xah Particle Maker: http://xahsl.org/sl/xah_particle_maker_img.html



  • No Scripting skill Required. Just mouse click. Easy 3D User Interface.
  • One touch generates LSL source code. Full perm.
  • Real Time Control. Particles change as you glide mouse.
  • AI algorithm generates a random particle you've never seen before.
  • Drag'n'drop Textures. Support Targeting. Automatic Version Update.

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i can not turn it off

Posted January 04, 2015 by Doctor Outlander 5 stars

Great tool. Only problem is i can not turn it off.

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Posted April 18, 2012 by Jake1un 5 stars

This is a great tool, allowing me to be creative without being bogged down with script changes that are always accompanied with a missed end bracket and the minutes wasted looking for it...I am impressed all round and very much like the texture loading system.

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