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(((((((((( Mesh Generator v1.40 ))))))))))

* The mesh model can be easily made in the in-world.
* All shapes and parameters are supported. (Include sculpted prim)
* The texture repeats and offset and rotation setting of prim are reproducible as it is.
* In order to save land impact, the sides and prims which do not generate mesh data can be set up.
* In order to save land impact, the division number of a curve can be changed.
* Existing prim objects can be converted into mesh model easily.

■ How to use

Rez *NN* Mesh Generator.

Touch icon of blocks to rez the block. Put blocks within 100m of the same sim.

Touch GENERATE icon to generate the MESH data.
When generation finish, browser is opened. Save the mesh data file as .dae.

The division number of a curved part and vertex number of sculpt map can be changed.
Please choose in consideration of the balance of land impact and a quality.

When you turn on mirror icon, mirrored mesh data will be outputted.

In order to use two or more textures, use different "Texture" or "Color" for every side.
In Second Life, a mesh model have to be less than 8 sides.
When you use 9 sides or more, it generates linked mesh model.

In order to save land impact, the sides and prims which do not generate mesh data can be set up.
Use the texture '*NN* MG Transparent' or set transparency to 80% or more.

In order to convert existing prim into mesh model, put '*NN* MG Prim2Mesh Script' into root prim.
When the prim is not full permission, the script can not get the texture.
In order to use two or more textures, use different color for every side.

Usually, all the blocks in less than 100 m are generated.
However, if you touch a block, only the linked block is converted into a mesh independently.
It needs to rez *NN* Mesh Generator.

Touch DEL icon to delete all blocks.

■ Blocks

[Box, Cylinder, Prism]
Modyfiable: Path Cut, Hollow, Hollow Shape, Twist, Taper, Top Shear, Slice

Modyfiable: Path Cut, Hollow, Hollow Shape, Twist, Dimple

[Torus, Tube, Ring]
Modyfiable: Path Cut, Hollow, Hollow Shape, Skew, Twist, Hole Size, Top Shear, Profile Cut, Taper, Radius, Revolutions

Map, Mirror, Invert, Type

■ Major History

New generator design.
The sides 80% or more transparency are not generated.

Using lower memory.

Fixed: Too many HTTP requests too fast error.

Sculpted prim supports.

Multi-side mesh model supports.
Mirror output supports.
 The linked block is independently convertible into a mesh.
Remove parameters of divided texture panel.

Prism and Ring are supported.
Hollow shape of triangle is supported.

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Amazing tool, works really well

Posted April 12, 2024 by Caliandris Pendragon 5 stars

i cannot tell you how much fun I have had with this tool. I bought it for a particular project which required a lot of roof trusses, in an attempt to reduce the prim count. But once I started playing with it, I was hooked and started converting a lot of old prim builds to mesh.If, like me, you love building in SL and hate Blender with a passion, this is the tool for you! I came late to it, but I am an utter convert. I've used it to convert furniture, ceramics, parts of builds. It is intuitive, it allow you to set texturing faces,and it remembers settings in a way I didn't expect. If I could award it ten stars, I would.

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Complete pile of rubbish!

Posted February 24, 2024 by Arman Grashnar 1 star

This product deserves zero stars, honestly. When attempting to convert prims into mesh, it rarely counts all of the objects. Instead, it stops counting at random numbers, leaving the final product missing chunks. I even tried building the object using the prims the generator created, and it still did not count them all. Not only that, but it also frequently throws error messages, like so "[12:23] *NN* Mesh Generator v1.50: ERROR: Failed to connect to the server. Please try again after passing for a while. (Timeout)". I do not know if the script is broken or what, but for a product this expensive, this is unacceptable. The support I got when I asked was terrible. Please, spare yourself the trouble of buying this product, because it is absolutely useless.

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