MetaHarper Animation Understudy

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MetaHarper Animation Understudy is an animesh character that will perform animations in a short loop whenever the owner is present in the same region.

The intended users are dance performers, show performers or event hosts where smooth transitions between animations are a desired aspect of the performance.

Why is it useful?

By playing animations in a loop, MetaHarpers Animation Understudy can be useful for keeping critical animations always present in the viewer cache of nearby spectators. Typically you would wish your animations to be present in viewer caches to avoid avatars performing these animations appearing to freeze in place on a spectator's screen, while that spectator waits for their viewer to download the animation.

Because live performances in SL are sometimes crowded and the congestion often results in slower-than-usual download speeds, caching animations is considered a sensible precaution to ensure maximal enjoyment of your show or animation-using event.

How does it work?

Rez this where you wish animations to be cached, typically backstage or near other avatars.

Animations can be loaded by dragging your copy-permission animations from your inventory into the understudy's contents, or by directly asking the understudy to download animations from nearby MetaHarper Show Tools performance engines, or MetaHarper Choreo HUDs.

Animation looping can be turned off and on by clicking the animesh dancer and choosing "[ON/OFF]" from the menu.


You can customize the appearance of the animesh character by copying the scripts included with this product and placing them into your own, moddable animesh character of choice (not included).

Permissions / Info

Animesh object is copy-modify. Scripting logic is copy only.

Animations are not included. Should be used with "copy" permission animations for safety.

Object is ANIMESH and requires animesh-capable viewers.



  • Automatically Cache Animations
  • Works with or without MetaHarper Show Tools
  • Animesh
  • Activates when owner is present in region

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