MiniQ - Smart, Fast, and Fun! (Demo)

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◀ MiniQ About ▶

MiniQ is a fast Combat & Tools HUD that is quick and easy to use. The user interface has been designed to make it easy to find what you need quickly. The targeting system is intuitive and is literally as fast as shooting a gun, yet far more accurate.

✱ 'Bullets' for any occasion and the ability to add them from almost any gun you already have.
✱ 'Weapons' (many of them) in HUD style that are comparable with QHUD.
✱ 'Functions' including Smart Shields, Move Lock, Invisibility, Camera Repairs, Turbo Speed, Radar.
✱ 'Deploying' objects like NPV's, buildings, Vehicles, Mines, and the ability to add your own.
✱ Support for 3rd Party add-on packs.
✱ 0.007ms Script time ensures LAG FREE operation.
✱ RLV enhancements to significantly improve protection and convenience of use.
✱ New things added all the time. Free Upgrades for life.

◀ Basic Functions ▶

▌✱ Avatar Radar ▬ Avatar Radar reports who has Arrived / Left the region.
▌✱ Interceptor Shields ▬ Crystal Shields protect you by by blasting away bullets with a burst of energy.
▌✱ Invisibility Cloak ▬ Hides your avatar and your name tag so you can't be seen by your opponents!
▌✱ Lock ▬ Locks your avatar in place preventing it from being moved.
▌✱ Repair Camera ▬ Fixes your camera should it become broken by a weapon or viewer bug.
▌✱ Turbo Boost ▬ Multi-Directional turbo speed movment when walking, flying, and using a NPV.
▌✱ Cluster ▬ Deceptively harmless looking bouncing bullets, that swam in to kill!
▌✱ Fire ▬ Fireball that engulfs and kills anyone/anything it hits in a burst of dripping flames.
▌✱ Flash Bang ▬ A bright explosion that kills, pushes, and disorientates.
▌✱ Laser Beam ▬ Dalek style Laser Beam instantly kills anyone in the line of fire, up to 4km away!
▌✱ Shield Breaker ▬ Teleporting bullet that moves directly to the owner of any shield/object it impacts.
▌✱ Zombie ▬ Bullet designed specifically to kill those annoying zombies by hitting them hard and fast.
▌✱ Disco Party ▬ Fast flashing disco lights and music follows targeted person.
▌✱ Giggle Balls ▬ Brightly colored balls changing size, color and position while giggling loudly.
▌✱ Go to Hell ▬ The Swirling fires of hell take away those people who deserve to go to hell.
▌✱ Haunt with Ghost ▬ The spirits of dead griefers fly around screaming in unending torment.
▌✱ Push ▬ Pushes the targeted person away from you and into the neighboring region.
▌✱ Stasis Field ▬ Holds targeted person in an energy field, preventing them from following you
▌✱ Droid Shield Vehicle ▬ An adorable robot avatar that also makes you immune to being killed or pushed.
▌✱ Smart shields that send bullets right back at the person shooting you!
▌✱ Anti-Gun shielding that automaticly blocks mouselook when someone aims a gun at you.
▌✱ NPV Crystal ▬ Updated NPV Crystal with the smoothest movement possible and turbo boost speeds.
▌✱ Turbo Speed ▬ Works with NPV, walking, flying and with other vehicles you already own!
▌✱ Plazma Mine ▬ A mine that automatically defends a 60 meter radius around it.

▶▶▶ so much more...



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