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Vavoom! *Active Toys* are about the simplest entertainment there is for you and your dog. Put an *Active Toy* on the ground and sit back and watch. After a few seconds a dog comes over and takes the toy, he/she plays with it for a while, rolling over, getting up, laying down and all the time making playful growling noises.

After a while the dog brings the toy to you and drops it, but not always, occasionally they take it some one else and offer it to them… and every once in a while they take it to another dog and give it to them to play with! When the toy is dropped it’s only a few seconds before another dog comes to play with it (or if you only have one dog, your dog comes back to play with it again).

It’s action all the way with the Vavoom! *Active Toys*, not to mention entertainment. The noises and the antics are very appealing.

Read Enrico Genosse (the creator of the VKC Dogs) comments here:



The Vavoom! *Active* Toys also have a menu to control the range over which they can call dogs, or even if they can call dogs at all.

To activate the menu tall your dog to drop the toy, click on the Active Toy and hold the mouse down for five seconds. A blue dialogue menu will then drop down showing the current status of the toy and a number of options.

The “Auto Calling” setting can either be ON or OFF. When it is off the toy will not call the dogs on its own. You can still tell your dog to take the toy when it is OFF and the dog will still play with the toy. But, when he drops it, he won’t pick it up again until you tell him to.

When “Auto Calling” is set to ON, the toy is in full *Active Toy* mode. You dog(s) will come and play with it.

The range setting tells you the maximum distance that dogs can be from the toy in order to be able to come and play with it. The maximum setting is 96 metres (as controlled by Second Life’s settings) and the minimum distance is 1 metre.

Menu Options

+1 Metre – increases the range by one metre.
+5 Metres – increases the range by five metres.
+10 Metres – increases the range by ten metres.

-1 Metre – decreases the range by one metre.
-5 Metres – decreases the range by five metres.
-10 Metres – decreases the range by ten metres.

Reset – resets the range to the default (20 metres).

Minimum – sets the range to the minimum distance (1 metre).
Maximum – sets the range to the maximum distance (95 metres).

Turn On – puts the toy into *Active* Mode. (Dogs come automatically to play with the toy).
Turn Off – takes the toy out of *Active* Mode. (Dogs do not come automatically to play with the toy).

Done – use this option to dismiss the dialogue menu and put the menu into stand by state. (Less laggy that using the Ignore button).



Prim - copy/mod.
Script - copy only.


Please Note:

* The word *Active* is used in the name for these toys because the toy is active. It never stops work, looking for dogs and playing with them.

* It does not tell the dog to be active or passive, it just tells the dog to play.
* It does not affect the dogs’ training.
* It does not teach them new tricks and it does not erase their existing tricks.

* If you are trying to keep your dog’s attention whilst engaged in training or some other activity and the *Active Toy* is distracting him/her, delete the toy. It is copiable, you can soon rez another when it’s playtime again.

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Vavoom! is a member of the VKC Registered Accessory Creator Program.

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  • Single Prim
  • VKC® Toy System 2
  • Backwards compatible with older VKC Dogs
  • Free Updates
  • VKC Registered Accessory Creator

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