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AZ is the Final version of all MotoDesign Motorcycles,
it contains all the functions and improvements of the EVO series,
but with the addition of some features that make it unique it is better, BENTO ANIMATION -
HUD Stunt and Gestures - improved attention to detail and graphics, more couple poses - openable bags and foot pegs and much more

▶ Box Contents

- Three Themes - Black - White - Beige
- AZ Motorcycle
- LOWLAG Motorcycle
- Police Motorcycle HUD
- Stunt and Gestures - HUD
- Driver HUD
- Fuel HUD
- FullPerm Textures Box
- 2 Helmet White and Black

▶ 2 Editable Colors - White - Black

▶ Police Motorcycle HUD

Megaphone - it is possible to shout out phrases with pre-set voices that will be heard from a great distance

Radio - Enable and adjust the radio channel - radio sounds move with the avatar

Flashing Lights - ON / OFF

Sirens: three types of sirens to be used for different occasions

Resizer and Minimize

▶ AZ Motocycles Features

The AZ Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride, animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations.
You can access to the "special features" of the AZby clicking the tank cap of the bike.

- Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)

- Visibility : Allow you to set On/Off the extra parts

- Damage : On/Off Collision System (Broken Glasses, Smoke, sparkle...)

- Explosion : On/Off (Active Damage Required) The motorcycle will explode after several collisions from weapons or shock.

- CD Player : 45 complete Mp3
Pick Song - Cyclic Mode - Random Mode

- LovePose : New *Deluxe* Menu 300 BENTO Animations
Cuddles -
Dances - Photos - Lady/Gent - Fore*Play - GirlGirl - ManMan - 3*SOME - B*D*S*M
You can access to the LovePose menu in 2 ways :
► By clicking on the tank cap
► By clicking on the invisible circle behind the bike (to enable writing to the local chat /1show or /1hide)

Obviously all the positions of the animations are editable from the menu LovePose to fit with your avatar.

BAGS AND HELMET: inside a bag you will find a helmet, click on it to receive a copy to wear, then you can in the bags what you want, using the second life edit menu

▶ LowLag Motocycles Features

The LowLag is a version of the bike meant to be lighter than the EVO version.
It is recommended for races and for travel from sim to sim.
It doesn't have special features of the EVO Series
On/Off bag and the headlight cover, by clicking next to them.
This version includes all the "Basic Features".


▶ The mostly important *Basic Features*

Passeger Sit - Turbo - Flight - Horn - Light On/Off - Burnout - Lock/Unlock - NOS
Parkings - Resizer - Editable Positions by HUD - Alarm - Camera - Different Sounds
Unique animations - Customizable License Plate - Exhaust - Engine Vibrations - Mouselook
Auto seat On/Off when the passenger is on bike - Bike control menu customizable
All part of motorcycles (colors & textures) editable by using the Edit Menu of SL.


▶ HUDs

these HUDs are optional and can be used separately.

Driver HUD: With this one you can have access the Basic Features of the bike.

Fuel HUD: This function simulates the consumption of gasoline on your bike.
Gasoline can be recharged via gas stations that use ACS scripts.

Stunt and Gestures HUD: with this Hud you can perform Gestures or stunts on your motorcycle,
well it is optimized to work with the AZ motorcycle


▶ Driving Tips

Right click on the bike and sit on the engine, tank or other parts of the bike,
but not on seat (seat is for passenger).
With the arrow keys on the keyboard you can guide the bike.

Here is the list of some keys on the keyboard that will allow various functions to guide.

Drive = ↑↓→ ←
Wheelie = PagUp
Gearshift = Shift + ← →
Burnout = ↓+ PageDown
Tight steering and Drift = ← → + ↓
NOS = ↑ + ↓

Click on the bike for Stop, Park and other features or click on the Tank Cap for the EVO features
Below you will find attached notecard of driving tips for beginners or advanced customization controls

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almost perfect

Posted August 28, 2023 by Andrea Frostbite 5 stars

I got my first bike from them today, and after some testing, loved it. When this came up for sale, I snatched it up quickly, as I do enjoy to RP, and if I ever go as a police elf, Having a nice bike to patrol on is a must.

Good points- The design is amazing, its driving is top notch, the animations are for the most part quite good, and the sounds are superb, and it comes with a lite version if you want to skip some of the fluff for better preformance and less lag.

Bad points- While this is nit picky, its worth mentioning for people like me. The BDSM menu has no bondage in it, and there for should really be called 'Forced' or 'Rough'. As well, A seperate menu for the animations where the 'girls' pose ball is in charge (FemDom) would be appriciated so your not being forced in one pose, then you swap, and suddenly, the tabels have turned randomly.

Out side of that, amazing product that is still worthy of 5 stars.

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Posted February 25, 2023 by Vicious Hollow 5 stars

I had a bit of a laugh today because this came up as a special daily sale item (through the group) and I had just bought it for full price earlier in the week. I laughed, but was so far from being mad, because it's worth every penny paid and then some!
I'm a 4 wheel person honestly, but I have wanted to look more into the MotoDesign bikes for some time, for a couple of reasons - firstly, everything I had heard and then seen and then demoed - just felt right! I've owned a couple of bikes in the past, and they were good, and served traveling purposes, but the MotoDesign bikes, especially this one, takes that to a new level. The handle is precise (and can be adjusted) my avi fits near perfect without any major hassle, and it's just plain fun to ride. It is a touch on the fast side more then I was expecting, but that will just take a bit of time to get used too, and I don't mind putting in the time.
The second reason is my wife and I own a shop where we specialize in painting various types of boats, aircraft and vehicles. We had talked about expanding into motorcycle paint jobs, but didn't know which way to go, then learned MotoDesign bikes were mod, and paintable - and most importantly include templates! That's a major plus for us!
I know not all bikes here are "fully" paint-able, some just tanks, but going by this first purchase (the Classic) and as I was saying how great it handles, and looks, and can be worked with, safe to say, this is the first of MANY to be purchased!
Thanks for this and all that you do!!

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