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AZ is the Final version of all MotoDesign Motorcycles,
it contains all the functions and improvements of the EVO series,
but with the addition of some features that make it unique it is better, BENTO ANIMATION -
HUD Stunt and Gestures - improved attention to detail and graphics, more couple poses - openable bags and foot pegs and much more

▶ Box Contents

- Two Themes - Black - White
- AZ Motorcycle
- LOWLAG Motorcycle
- Police Motorcycle HUD
- Stunt and Gestures - HUD
- Driver HUD
- Fuel HUD
- FullPerm Textures Box
- 2 Helmet White and Black

▶ 2 Editable Colors - White - Black

▶ Police Motorcycle HUD

Megaphone - it is possible to shout out phrases with pre-set voices that will be heard from a great distance

Radio - Enable and adjust the radio channel - radio sounds move with the avatar

Flashing Lights - ON / OFF

Sirens: three types of sirens to be used for different occasions

Resizer and Minimize

▶ AZ Motocycles Features

The AZ Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride, animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations.
You can access to the "special features" of the AZby clicking the tank cap of the bike.

- Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)

- Visibility : Allow you to set On/Off the extra parts

- Damage : On/Off Collision System (Broken Glasses, Smoke, sparkle...)

- Explosion : On/Off (Active Damage Required) The motorcycle will explode after several collisions from weapons or shock.

- CD Player : 45 complete Mp3
Pick Song - Cyclic Mode - Random Mode

- LovePose : New *Deluxe* Menu 300 BENTO Animations
Cuddles -
Dances - Photos - Lady/Gent - Fore*Play - GirlGirl - ManMan - 3*SOME - B*D*S*M
You can access to the LovePose menu in 2 ways :
► By clicking on the tank cap
► By clicking on the invisible circle behind the bike (to enable writing to the local chat /1show or /1hide)

Obviously all the positions of the animations are editable from the menu LovePose to fit with your avatar.

BAGS AND HELMET: inside a bag you will find a helmet, click on it to receive a copy to wear, then you can in the bags what you want, using the second life edit menu

▶ LowLag Motocycles Features

The LowLag is a version of the bike meant to be lighter than the EVO version.
It is recommended for races and for travel from sim to sim.
It doesn't have special features of the EVO Series
On/Off bag and the headlight cover, by clicking next to them.
This version includes all the "Basic Features".


▶ The mostly important *Basic Features*

Passeger Sit - Turbo - Flight - Horn - Light On/Off - Burnout - Lock/Unlock - NOS
Parkings - Resizer - Editable Positions by HUD - Alarm - Camera - Different Sounds
Unique animations - Customizable License Plate - Exhaust - Engine Vibrations - Mouselook
Auto seat On/Off when the passenger is on bike - Bike control menu customizable
All part of motorcycles (colors & textures) editable by using the Edit Menu of SL.


▶ HUDs

these HUDs are optional and can be used separately.

Driver HUD: With this one you can have access the Basic Features of the bike.

Fuel HUD: This function simulates the consumption of gasoline on your bike.
Gasoline can be recharged via gas stations that use ACS scripts.

Stunt and Gestures HUD: with this Hud you can perform Gestures or stunts on your motorcycle,
well it is optimized to work with the AZ motorcycle


▶ Driving Tips

Right click on the bike and sit on the engine, tank or other parts of the bike,
but not on seat (seat is for passenger).
With the arrow keys on the keyboard you can guide the bike.

Here is the list of some keys on the keyboard that will allow various functions to guide.

Drive = ↑↓→ ←
Wheelie = PagUp
Gearshift = Shift + ← →
Burnout = ↓+ PageDown
Tight steering and Drift = ← → + ↓
NOS = ↑ + ↓

Click on the bike for Stop, Park and other features or click on the Tank Cap for the EVO features
Below you will find attached notecard of driving tips for beginners or advanced customization controls

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Great Police Bike

Posted March 03, 2024 by chardhope 4 stars

Great fun, good bike, could do with a speed limiter and for that I've deducted one star.
Still an amazing product, great for RP and for catching perps

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good for police

Posted March 03, 2024 by Star Trueheart 5 stars


I recently acquired the Second Life Police Motorcycle and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations! From its sleek design to its impressive functionality, this motorcycle truly stands out in the virtual world.

First off, let's talk about the design. The attention to detail is impeccable. From the bold, authoritative presence of the police insignia to the striking blue and white color scheme, this motorcycle commands respect wherever it goes. The realistic textures and intricate features make it a true standout in any virtual setting.

But it's not just about looks; this motorcycle packs a punch when it comes to performance too. The handling is smooth and responsive, making every ride a joyous experience. Whether cruising down the virtual streets or chasing after virtual perpetrators, this motorcycle handles like a dream.

What truly sets this motorcycle apart, however, is its array of features tailored for law enforcement roleplay. From functioning sirens and flashing lights to realistic engine sounds, this motorcycle brings the immersive experience of being a virtual police officer to life. It adds a whole new layer of authenticity to any roleplay scenario, making it feel like you're actually patrolling the streets of a bustling virtual city.

Furthermore, the customization options are fantastic. With various accessories and upgrades available, you can personalize your police motorcycle to suit your individual style and preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek and stealthy look or a more rugged and intimidating appearance, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, the Second Life Police Motorcycle is a must-have for any virtual law enforcement enthusiast. With its stunning design, impressive performance, and immersive features, it elevates the roleplaying experience to new heights. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a touch of realism to their virtual adventures.

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