! NEW ! NekroLogiK Exodus 'Create your own Rage' System 2019 ( swords blade combat system melee weapon fast RP fighting Version 112419

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UPDATE: ULTRA-DYNAMIC 'KORE' that uses a new system (created 2020) that has more 'total' scripts, but is super advanced w/ dynamic ability to ONLY USE a script on a TEMP basis. (some only nano-seconds) while KEEPING most 'OFF' 99.9% of the time. BUT, still HAVING THE RESOURCES to actually DO SOMETHING on the grid, while competing for resources against massive script hogging creations that are killing the grid.

<Universal 'Bento-gration' SYS coming in June 2020>

There are so many unique technologies inside Exodus Items:
!! SEE LISTING: https://tinyurl.com/y8e6n562

The NekroLogiK Exodus system is a very unique system w/ many features, but nothing too far outside of RP/melee options to keep lag, LI, & server draw to a minimal

100's of cool attacks in creation. It is in no way your typical weapon. But created to be RP friendly while allowing the owner to be 100% unique by creating their own fighting styles.

The built-in 'N*Rages' will allow owner to easily build their own 100% CUSTOM rage (style) for all uses- even just taking out some aggression on some dummies/zombies.

We have spent a lot of time & money to make this creation possible. It is a part of the NekroLogik ACS-50 system, but w/o all the extra multi-tools, etc.
(but this is AWESOME outside of RP zones too. Just for personal use/freestyle fun)

Our weapons surpasses any possible options that any other melee weapon has, that we have seen, experienced, or ever heard of in ANY game.

Package Contents: -(C=Copy M=Modify)-
- 1 NekroLogik Exodus RH blade (C/M)
- 1 NekroLogik Exodus Animated HUD w/ AO'Xtras' (C/M)
- 1 NekroLogik Exodus Sheathed blade to be worn on back & can be placed/sized wherever/whatever owner would like (C/M)
- 2 NoteCards w/ help/tips, & plenty of info to help new users-Only owner can see these tips
- Website & Live Support
- .PDF Manual

NO Coding experience required in order for the user to make their own style of attacks.
All is HUD driven - (no chat commands or float text)

We wanted to create an 'arcade-like' feeling for our clients & allow them to not be stuck w/ average/old animations for a generic sword that 1000's of others already have. This system is very unique and as all of our creations, there may be a secret (or 2...) inside.

We do not require a group to join for our clients. We will only sell a very limited number of these, but will release a series of DUAL WIELD Weapon Packs that all use this control system for. This is one of our attempts to help re-vamp the combat scene in SL (as it seems to have vanished)

NOTE:: We try to keep it simple in this creation & unlike our ACS-50 ('Anti'-Combat System), this is melee only. It should work in all known combat zones, but if it does not work for any client, just send a NC to Hogg & he can add any dynamic chan/alt method API read/any alternate combat zone/system reader-system into it's codes.

Play w/ the creation. Learn its functions/assaults, & then CREATE YOUR OWN RAGE! (style/animation sets)

The other pre-made (50+)N*Rages (styles/modes) will always be in the system & used at any time.
But you can use your set(s), whenever wanted. We made this 'complex sounding' feature VERY SIMPLE UI.

Rage Creator works by copy/paste (anim.codes) to the blade when the option is selected. We suggest keeping NC w/ all your custom sets/favorite attacks on.

We want all clients to have fun & feel satisfied w/ the tiny investment for the rest of their SL lifetime.

<Even if you do not care about combat/RP>
<If you care about your overall Avatar's abilities>
<! This is a must have !>
<Take SL to a whole new level of what is possible>
<This is an EPIC creation for SL, as well as online gaming>
[1 Code -HUD]
[1 Code -Multi 3M+3FM AO SWITCHER]
[1 Code -Blade Main + 2 Optional FX & RC if activated]
[X-FAST Animations]
[EXTENSIVE Custom Combos+Multi-Combos]

COMING IN JUNE:: ALL BENTO VERSION w an adaptation|parallel bridge to ALL AVATARS (bento, classic, mesh) to use this creation.

compared to cost of 'virtual' items/packs in most/many online games / android games
(Compared 2 cost of SL land- it's almost FREE)

But this item you will KEEP. You can wear it daily. It will take up less resources than 99.9% of every other weapon/combat item on the grid.

NOTE: An easy work-around can b done 2 allow our system 2 power ALMOST ANY 3D WEAPON/OBJect (MOD rights needed 2 other item)

<Contact us by NC or Email w/ technical question>
We have 300+ multi-skin weapons ranging from 1LI - 253LI Mesh &/or Prim

*Note: System takes a lil practice to 'master'*
Like all thing in life/SL/RL that are not ordinary/cheap/standard/generic/lame

[Animations : Classic SL Bone skeleton]


[As w/ ALL Non-FP NekroLogiK items - If u r physically disabled IRL, Email site & we will give u a (copy) version 4 free]

Download instructions See item in Second Life ®



  • 50+ Pre-Made Rages to select from (7+4 bonus attacks in each)
  • Late 2019 version - not some old outdated / poorly coded +| Limited Edition |+
  • TONS of melee attacks (100's)+ some VERY fast/slower+ TRQ*BLST attack combos
  • Pick your favorite individual attacks & combos to Create Your Own Rage!
  • Coming soon - ALL BENTO VERSION - Awesome new system to parallel any avatar !!

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