NHD Dance Hud Family (Box) Version 2.0

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▶▶▶ The NHD Dance Hud works WITH and WITHOUT the Choreographer Maker ! You don't need to buy the Choreographer Maker to use the NHD !!

The NHD Dance Hud is dedicated to the synchronized animation of avatars in groups to provide professional choreography.
You can simultaneously conduct 3 separate groups per acts.
You can include up to 6 dancers in a group (depending on version). By default, each invited dancer is in group "ALL", handy when you want to make people dance on your choreography.

The NHD Dance Hud is provided with a NHD Hud Helper to help you create and synchronize dances.

This NHD Dance Hud Family version cannot be upgraded !

★ ════ PACK CONTENTS ═════ ★

- A NHD Dance Hud Family empty modify copy
- A NHD Dance Hud SAMPLE containing an example of a simple choreography to help you understand the operation
- A NHD Hud Helper : tool to help you in creating acts of choreographies
- 2 full perm gestures you could activate to launch your dances and movements Choreographer Maker

- 1 FREE MeshConvert to change your prims builds into mesh builds (inside manual)


The essence of a good show is based on the choice of choreographies and synchronization of dances in your groups of dancers in every act of your show.
Each dancer is part of one group or several groups that you assign through NHD Dance Hud.
Each group will perform the choreography that you created.
In an act, 3 groups can dance at the same time which is more than enough if you manage correctly your groups.

▬ Create a choreography for an act :

An act is a serie of different animations played one after one during a programmed time.
All dancers belonging to the same group will be animated by the same choreography planned for the group.
With the NHD Dance Hud, you can animate together 3 groups in a choreography.

You have 4 dancers for your act : 2 boys, 2 girls !
Let 2 groups of 2 dancers: the group "BOYS" and the group "GIRLS".

So just write in the dances notecard :

BOYS = Snake Dance|3
BOYS = Saturday Night Dance|4.2
BOYS = Horizon Dance Loop|5

GIRLS = Getdown (loop)|1
GIRLS = Belly Dancing|6.2
GIRLS = Horizon Dance Loop|5

The choreography is created !

Some special commands can be applied at the end of the group :
- When a group has completed its choreography, by default it stops the animation.
- But you can start over by writing LOOP : it will not stop until you use the Stop button
- Or replay the previous animation LAST ; in this case, the group will replay the last animation looped until stopped by the Stop button.

★ ════ GROUPS ═════ ★

Each dancer is part of one group or several groups, we must think not as a "dancer" but as a "group" dancer !
Creating groups is simple, just place them in your choreography, 3 groups up choreography.
But your show consists of several acts and therefore several groups.
In the first act, the groups will be "BOYS" and "GIRLS".
In the next act, the groups can be "COUPLE1" and "COUPLE2" for example.

When you select the groups in the NHD, the male dancer #1 will be part of the group "BOYS" and "COUPLE1" or "BOYS" and "COUPLE2".
It's therefore necessary to tell the NHD the list of all the groups of your show to assign groups at the beginning.

▬ Create a group :

Open the notecard "&_GROUPS (Do not rename)" and enter on line all groups used:
The limit of the groups is linked to the size of a notecard ! either ... a lot !

★ ════ SETTING MENU ═════ ★

Click on the logo "NHD Dance Hud" ( 17 ) provides access to the following parameters :
- Choice of names : legacy name (username) or display name
- Automatic Preload : automatical dances preload system when the act is loading.

★ ════ ANTI LAG SYSTEM ═════ ★

The NHD Dance Hud has an anti lag system that limits the using of scripts only when it's necessary.


When a dancer crashes, he has 90 seconds to come back and accept the invitation he/she will receive automatically when he/she relog.
His/her place in the groups will be saved.

See item in Second Life ®



  • DO NOT REQUIRES The Choreographer Maker to work !
  • Groups managing
  • Anti lag system
  • Unlimited choreographies
  • Auto managing crash dancers

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I suppose it is cool

Posted August 10, 2018 by Leona Oller 3 stars

First of all, there is no demo to try... (the demo page doesn't exist anymore).
I tried to GUESS how to use the hud, like the explanation isn't clear. I think I'm following the instruction, but it's not working.
I gave 3 stars only in consideration of what this hud could do to me.

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