NPV REVENGE Non-physical vehicle OFFSIM AVOID with attacks Version V1.22.02

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This NPV is the result of several years of work and reflection on the subject of non-physical vehicles. I have gathered in this one a large number of functions in order to ensure maximum protection for its user.

To allow for flexible movement, I developed an NPV OFFSIM engine that I named:
NPV SFNM Engine "Smooth Far Natural Moving".

Compatible JOKES HUD.


An OffSim Non-Physical Vehicle has the ability to leave a normal movement area which is made up of a square of 256 × 256 m and the ground 4096m high called “Region”. This is already a good volume.
The NPV REVENGE far exceeds this volume because you will be able to move in a volume of approximately 2250x2250m and from -900m in the ground to more than 5000m in height. You might as well say that outside the classic flight zone, you can get lost in the abyssal nothingness.

This NPV is supplied with a mini HUD which provides emergency functions.
• REZ NPV: Rezze an NPV on the ground and launch an automatic seat command if you have activated the RLV,
• # RLV SIT #: On some SIMs, the UNSIT function can be launched and force you to get up. This button allows a quick new seat.
• KILL NPV: Removes the NPV,
• REVENGE: Open the menu of Revenge functions (see below),
• CONFIG: Opens the menu of configuration functions,
• INVISIBLE & # REAPPEAR #: Allows you to switch to invisible stealth mode and reappear,
• EXIT: Close the menu.
If you would rather not wear the HUD, you can drop the NPV REVENGE from your inventory. In this case, you have to sit on it manually
The NPV REVENGE is made up of two sections which are activated by menus
A) Configurations and functions
To activate this menu, you can either use the mini HUD on "CONFIG" or click directly on the lower part of the NPV
• ESCAPE anti graphic card crash, puts you at 1000m off SIM
• Goto Sky: Rapid teleportation to 4095 m,
• Goto Ground: Rapid teleportation at ground level,
• Goto Last: Quick teleport to last known position,
• Goto +500: Fast jump 500m upwards,
• Goto -500: Fast jump 500m down,
• Speed +: Increase movement speed,
• Speed-: Decrease movement speed,
• Speed >> <<: Average speed (10),
• Speed Turbo: Fast speed (20),
• >>>: Next page,
• EXIT: Exit the menu,
• RLV SIT: Quick sitting on the NPV if the RLV is activated,
• FOLLOW: Follow another AVATAR, for the reverse attack function for example,
• QUIET and APPEAR: Enter your bubble to be quiet,
• REPULSE: Activate or deactivate the protection mode in case of approach of another AVATAR, it will be pushed back,
• RIBBON: Activate or deactivate the Particle tape mode,
• INVISIBLE and REAPPEAR: Switch to Stealth mode (real invisibility) or reappear,
• GROUND FLY: Mode of movement of the NPV by following the relief when you are positioned close to the ground,
• FREE FLY: Unconstrained movement mode crossing terrain,
• AVOID: Escape protection mode allowing objects that would be thrown at you to miss the wrong target by falling far from you,
• AVOID +: Increase the error distance,
• AVOID-: Decrease the error distance.
B) Revenge
The REVENGE or revenge mode can be considered as an attack mode such as combat HUDs like the JOKES HUD of Harlequin Carter Production. However, in the philosophy of the product, we will consider that this is used to defend itself ... It's up to you.
The REVENGE mode of this NPV is based on the same principle as the JOKES HUD. It must therefore be borne in mind that all the attacks present in the JOKES HUD can be copied into the NPV Revenge, thus making it even more powerful.
We will see this below in the “Tactics” part.
Activate the "REVENGE" menu by the mini HUD or by a click on the upper part of the NPV .
1. The # STOP # button allows you to stop all the attacks you have launched,
2. Select your target, or even yourself if it amuses you ...
3. Select your REVENGE:
• Blocker: Block your target where it is,
• AntiShoot: Protects from physical fire (no use if you are on the NPV) or blocks shots from inside a space around your attacker who would like to shoot you,
• Cage: Send a cage that will block the target,
• DNA: Small colored balls that duplicate and block the target,
• Fusion: annoying particle effect,
• Ghost: A ghost harasses your target (with an invisibility trap if he sits on it),
• Hammer: A big cube follows and crushes your target,
• Casting: A cage which diffuses particles blocks your target (A trap sends it to 4096 m if it clicks on it),
• Push: A classic pusher pushes your target,
• SeeAvatar: If your target is invisible, this makes it possible to locate its position using an Animesh which puts itself in its place and follows it everywhere on the SIM,
• Wisp: A multitude of wisps, jostling the target in all directions,
• Electro cage: This is a trap that will block anyone who tries to sit on your NPV for a minute (very common phenomenon).

Free automatic update.

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  • NPV Non-physical vehicle
  • Moves Off SIM
  • AVOID Protection
  • Near SIM protection
  • Included retaliation

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